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The Center for Academic Writing

The Center for Academic Writing (CAW) acts as a support system for students, and, in concert with our philosophy, allows the students, themselves, to take on an important leadership role on campus as writing tutors in the center.


Whether working with Wellness students on an op-ed or 6th graders on a poem analysis, the CAW works closely with faculty and students across campus.

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Meet the CAW Staff

Katherine Muttick

Katherine Muttick

Director of Alumni Engagement & Strategic Communications

Happening Now in the CAW

The Center for Academic Writing (CAW) has been teeming with 9th graders of late as they participate in a variety of writing workshops. Mr. Maher and Mr. Hannigan brought in their History classes to practice structuring annotated bibliographies. Coach Shepherd brought in his Wellness classes for a critical thinking workshop about their research papers. Finally, Dr. Bartholomew brought his Physics classes in to work on introductory paragraphs for their non-western instrument essays. By the end of the semester, every 9th grader will have participated in a writing workshop, with many returning to the Center for one-on-one tutoring.

This fall all of the 8th graders have visited the CAW. They participated in two workshops, the first was about figuring out what story your research is telling as when drafting a research paper. The next was specifically about creating thesis statements using the topic + claim formula. Many of the 8th graders have come back more than once for additional one-on-one feedback. This spring, all of the 7th grade classes will be visiting with their science class where they'll work on the skill of building body paragraphs. The entire 6th grade will have worked in the Center by spring as well.