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Global studies at MBS provides students access to rich academic, diverse, intercultural experiences.

Morristown-Beard School offers numerous cultural, curricular, and service trips abroad each year, providing students access to rich academic, diverse, intercultural experiences to learning outside of the classroom.

Morristown-Beard School also partners with numerous outside vendors offering our Upper School juniors, seniors, and post-graduate students an opportunity to study abroad in a foreign country for a semester, a year, or a summer. In addition, MBS has worked with reputable organizations to offer international students an opportunity to study abroad at our School for one year.

Global Studies News

2018-2019 Trips


Quebec & Montreal

Who: 7th & 8th Grade French Students
When: October 18-21, 2018

This fall, Morristown-Beard 7th and 8th Grade French students will have the opportunity to delve into French culture close to home in the city of Quebec. Colonized by the French in the 15th century, the city of Quebec has a rich history full of French influence. Major sites include La Citadelle and the Plains of Abraham.

Contact: Soni Dougherty


Who: Upper School Students
When: March 9-16, 2019

In Colombia, students will have the opportunity to improve their Spanish-speaking ability while immersing themselves in the culture of one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. The birthplace of many styles of Afro-Colombian music and home to many different varieties of tropical wildlife, Colombia is guaranteed to be a unique trip!

Contact: Aline de la Torre-McCloskey

London & Edinburgh

Who: Upper School Students
When: March 9-15, 2019

During spring break, students will have the opportunity to delve into some of the most breathtaking cities in the British Isles. The birthplace of influential books and home to globally-recognized landmarks such as the Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle, London and Edinburgh offer a little something for everybody.

Contact: Kyle Augustyniak


Who: Upper School Students
When: March 10-19, 2019

Back due to high demand, Morristown-Beard School will offer another trip to the tropical paradise of Hawaii during this year’s spring break. Full of environmental wonders, this science-based trip will offer students the opportunity to learn about geological formations firsthand as they take in the beauty of the islands!

Contact: Jeff Yuhas

Cambodia & Laos

Who: Upper School Students
When: June 16-30, 2019

This year’s service trip will take students to the far-off Asian countries of Cambodia and Laos. While making the world a better place, Morristown-Beard students will have the opportunity to explore and learn about life in this beautiful region of the world.

Contact: Andrea Deventer

2017-2018 Trips


Who: Boys Soccer Trip
When: August 6-14, 2018

This past August, members of the MBS boys soccer team packed their bags and headed to Scotland for a week of scrimmages and sightseeing. Known for its rugged terrain, magical castles, gorgeous lochs and coastlines, the United Kingdom's northernmost country provided an unforgettable experience.


Who: Upper School
When: June 22-July 1, 2018 and June 30-July 9, 2018

For three weeks, students spent their time building and painting a new preschool for the local community. Other students had the opportunity to work directly with kids, helping them learn Spanish and English. When the students were not hard at work, they immersed themselves in Panamanian culture and community. Students took a trip to the Panama Canal, explored Panama City, took surfing lessons, and partook in various community activities at the local community center. Students also found time to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Panama. 


Who: Upper School
When: June 15-21, 2018

In June of 2018, MBS hosted a science trip to Alaska, the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state, which is home to tens of thousands of glaciers. This educational adventure included whale-watching, wildlife tours, cultural experiences and more!


Who: Upper School
When: March 10-23, 2018

Last October, a group of students from Nantes, France visited MBS. In March of 2018, it was our turn to visit them! This trip was offered to students in French 2 Honors or above — regardless if you hosted a student or not last fall. Nantes is a city on the Loire River in western France with a long history as a port and industrial center.


Who: Upper School
When: March 10-19, 2018

MBS was excited to announce a trip to Berlin and Munich during Spring Break 2018! Berlin's turbulent history is reflected in landmarks like the Holocaust Memorial and the graffitied remains of the Berlin Wall. The group visited Dachau and remembered the atrocities of Nazi Germany before heading to the Bavarian city, Munich – which is famous for its centuries-old buildings and numerous museums.

Costa Rica

Who: 7th & 8th Grades
When: March 10-15, 2018

MBS 7th & 8th graders had the opportunity to experience "pura vida" (pure life!) by visiting Costa Rica during Spring Break 2018. Costa Rica is a wonderland of natural attractions, and is known for its beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, whitewater rafting, and biodiversity.

Preferred Vendor List for Non-MBS Trips

For trips not sponsored by Morristown-Beard School, including Study Abroad programs, we offer a preferred vendor list:

Putney Travel/National Geographic Student Travel and Expedition

Where There Be Dragons

School Year Abroad (SYA)

Rustic Pathways

Give & Surf

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Oxbridge Academic Programs

Alzar School

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To learn more about our Global Studies programs, please contact:
Aline de la Torre-McCloskey

Aline de la Torre-McCloskey

World Languages Teacher, Global Studies Director