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Global studies at MBS provides students access to rich academic, diverse, intercultural experiences.

Mission: The MBS Global Studies Program is committed to fostering a community of globally-minded individuals by empowering students with diverse and enriching global experiences. Through immersive learning and meaningful community-building opportunities, we aim to ignite curiosity, nurture compassion, and instill a sense of responsibility in every student.Our mission is to cultivate well-rounded, thoughtful citizens of the world, who are equipped to navigate the complexities of our interconnected global society with understanding, empathy, and a commitment to positive change.

Morristown Beard School offers numerous cultural, curricular, and service trips abroad each year, providing students access to rich, academic learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Morristown Beard School also partners with numerous outside vendors offering our Upper School juniors, seniors, and post-graduate students an opportunity to study abroad in a foreign country for a semester, a year, or a summer. In addition, MBS has worked with reputable organizations to offer international students an opportunity to study abroad at our School for one year.


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To learn more about our Global Studies programs, please contact:
Aline de la Torre-McCloskey

Aline de la Torre-McCloskey

World Languages, Director of Global Studies

Semester/Year Abroad Information

The School offers a total of four tuition/fee waivers. These waivers are prorated for the portion of the year that a student will be away from campus and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

The School cannot guarantee that a student who is accepted to a study abroad program will be granted a tuition/fee waiver, therefore it is imperative that families communicate with the School throughout the process.

Seniors are not eligible to participate in study abroad programs.  The School believes that senior year is a culminating experience for our students, providing unique social and educational opportunities throughout the year.  Because of this, seniors are expected to complete the entirety of the year on campus.

Interested students should fill out the Study Abroad Interest FormPlease refer to pages 64 & 65 of the Family Handbook for additional information on policies and procedures related to the MBS Study Abroad Program.

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