Mission & Values

Hero Treatment

MBS Middle School students smiling outside.
A Culture of Support

Morristown Beard School students discover and develop their individual pathways.

Our Mission

Within a culture of support and collaboration, Morristown Beard School students discover and develop their individual pathways to academic success and personal fulfillment while becoming enlightened, morally responsible citizens of the world.

Students collaborating in a science lab with faculty assistance


Our Values

The bedrock of our curriculum is to provide rigorous academic preparation for college and beyond. Equally, we encourage all members of the MBS community to cultivate a life guided by moral principles. At MBS, we value the following.

Personal responsibility

Personal Responsibility is the foundation of character.  It requires integrity, personal accountability, and the highest moral standards in all communication, decision-making, and actions.

Awareness of Diverse Perspectives

Awareness of Diverse Perspectives enhances all aspects of learning. The more students encounter, understand, and respect other points of view, the more deeply engaged they become, both academically and socially.  Empathy is a powerful force in creating positive interactions.


Engagement in all aspects of school life encourages risk-taking, creates a more fulfilling educational experience, and enhances personal growth.


Tenacity is essential in overcoming obstacles as it redefines failures as necessary steps of the learning process.

Independence of Mind

Independence of Mind allows us to question trendy or conformist thinking, and helps us as individuals to examine critically our decisions and assumptions.

Humor and humility

Humor and Humility are central components of the resilience required to meet the inevitable challenges we encounter not only in school, but also in life.  At MBS, we value the ability not to take ourselves too seriously, even when we are engaged in the most serious of endeavors.