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Head of School Peter Caldwell
We are deeply invested in pushing students to reach their potential within a life of balance and authentic learning.

Welcome! I'd like to introduce you briefly to Morristown-Beard School—a coeducational independent school covering grades six through twelve—and to invite you for a visit to explore our wonderful campus and to learn about our forward-thinking academic program and our extensive co-curricular opportunities.

If you take me up on my invitation, I think you will understand why we describe ourselves as offering a rigorous, 21st-century college preparatory educational experience operating in a warm and inclusive community.

Unwavering in its 125-year commitment to developing each student’s individual strengths, MBS is unique in its history and mission. Our outstanding, highly professional faculty are deeply invested in guiding students to reach their potential in the context of a life of balance and authentic learning and by harmonizing academic rigor with moral and ethical development. With small class sizes and individualized instruction, we have the ability to connect personally and intellectually with each MBS student in an intimate and inspiring academic setting.

The present Morristown-Beard School is the result of a merger between two independent schools with long histories in this part of New Jersey. In 1971 the all-boys Morristown Prep School and the all-girls Beard School (originally located in Orange), both founded in 1891, joined to form today’s MBS, occupying the present campus. We draw upon the long and proud traditions of these two schools as we embrace the future, attending to the learning, social and emotional needs of both boys and girls and preparing them for academic and personal success in a 21st-century global community.

Head of School Peter Caldwell

Nestled next to Frelinghuysen Arboretum but with easy access to Route 287, MBS draws from 85 communities within a radius of about 25 miles. On a 22-acre campus that has been beautifully enhanced over the past decade, we offer a full athletics program; a vigorous performing, visual, and digital arts curriculum; and a forward-thinking, technologically-enhanced academic program, all steeped in the timeless principles of civility and a commitment to service.

Even in 1891, our two founding institutions defied cultural trends by focusing broadly on the values and skills necessary to live a life of fulfillment and service, and we still do so today. I encourage you to visit our campus and experience first hand the educational possibilities to be found in this sanctuary of intellectual curiosity and personal growth.

With warm regards,

Head of School Peter J. Caldwell


Bench Talks

Head of School Peter Caldwell delivers monthly “Bench Talks” as a way to share his philosophy and vision for the School. The talks are forthright, sincere, personal, universal, and often humorous, drawing on current topics, popular culture, classic literature, and family stories. 

Head of School Caldwell first thought of the Bench Talks when he read about the “Tree Speeches” which were delivered at graduation at Miss Beard’s School.

The Bench Talks not only illuminate the Values of Morristown-Beard School, they also pay tribute to its history. 

In his office, Peter Caldwell has a hand-carved bench—a gift from his wife, Darcy, that was inspired by the Bench Talks. The bench is hewn from a Vermont maple tree that had grown on the mountain where the Caldwell family lived, and is a reminder of multigenerational family hikes, outdoor work and the beauty of nature. The bench invites contemplation and has become a gift to the entire MBS community.

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