Strategic Plan

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An Ambitious Plan

Ensuring that all MBS students have the opportunity to pursue the best educational experience possible.

It is with great enthusiasm that we present the 2015-2020 Morristown-Beard School Strategic Plan. On behalf of the entire Strategic Planning Steering Committee, we would like to thank all participants for their time and dedication in the development of the MBS Strategic Plan.

In the end, it was the dedicated effort of the entire School community—faculty, staff, alumni, parents, students and Board members—that made this important planning process a success. The information gathered—including data from surveys, focus groups, strategy sessions, in-house self-studies and a two-day retreat led by our strategic plan consultants—provided invaluable insight in the creation of our new Mission Statement and the five specific strategic objectives of the 2015-2020 MBS Strategic Plan.

This ambitious new plan focuses on ensuring that all MBS students have the opportunity to pursue the best educational experience to be had, and that they continue to learn in an engaging, stimulating and collaborative environment—one that powerfully prepares them for learning and for life. We feel privileged to have co-chaired this process, and are appreciative of the critical feedback and creative contributions from our entire School community. We look forward to seeing the implementation of this collective effort unfold over the next five years.

Strategic Objectives of the 2015-2020 Plan


Academic Program


Over the next five years Morristown-Beard School will facilitate efforts to empower students to take ownership of their education.

  • Rigorously promote the skills described in the School’s Curricular Philosophy in all areas of the curriculum
  • Allow and encourage students to embrace appropriate risk taking as an essential component of learning and a way to develop resilience
  • Create opportunities to foster student curiosity toward and knowledge of other communities and diverse ways of living and thinking
  • Strengthen the School’s commitment to student self-advocacy
  • Encourage students to collaborate effectively across all dimensions of campus life
  • Actively assist the development of student awareness and skill in balancing academic responsibilities with personal commitments and interests

Technology in the Classroom and the Community


Over the next five years Morristown-Beard School will intentionally and purposefully weave appropriate technology into the fabric of the community.

  • Establish necessary institutional structures to manage evolving technological innovations and resources
  • Apply systems thinking as an analytic tool throughout the community and curriculum
  • Develop an integrated computer science program
  • Promote technological innovation through collaboration, leadership and intellectual risk taking

Diversity and Inclusion


Over the next five years MBS will act decisively to champion all aspects of diversity and inclusion in our community.

  • Broaden recruitment and retention efforts of students and faculty/staff who enrich and diversify the community
  • Analyze the curriculum and advisory program for all grades with attention to diverse perspectives
  • Provide ongoing professional development to ensure faculty understand the role of diverse perspectives in what they teach and how students learn
  • Increase student, parent and alumni involvement in the life of the School and outreach efforts in the community

Facilities and Safety


Over the next five years MBS will strive to build a campus that advances the School’s goals and promotes environmental sustainability.

  • Provide a safe and secure campus that includes a solution for long-term parking as well as drop-off and pick-up
  • Build a math and science facility that supports the newly emerging math and science curriculum and promotes sustainable practices
  • Increase the awareness and practice of environmental sustainability within the School community and beyond
  • Complete renovation of the Athletic Facility and space analysis of the dining hall and existing science area
  • Investigate acquisition of off-site facilities to address campus constraints

Marketing and Communications


Over the next five years MBS will proactively market and communicate the innovative ways it prepares students for learning and for life.

  • Boldly invest and commit resources to build the infrastructure required to promote the MBS brand
  • Clearly and consistently position and message MBS
  • Implement a comprehensive internal and external communication plan utilizing all existing and emerging vehicles
  • Actively engage the School community as MBS ambassadors
  • Build and strengthen external relationships to promote MBS