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Powerfully Preparing Our Students for Learning and for Life

At Morristown-Beard School, we’re proud to provide a journey unlike any other during the important school years of grades 6 through 12.

These Middle School and Upper School years are marked by great opportunity for intellectual, social, and emotional growth, and accordingly, we create a learning environment that will challenge your daughter or son in meaningful ways. We focus on process over result. We encourage risk-taking and courage in decision-making in place of playing it safe and accepting the status quo. We teach our students to empower themselves in order to serve as their own best advocate. We ask them to pursue their passions while striving to positively impact the lives of others.

The impact of these experiences – of an MBS education fully explored – can best be seen in the remarkably accomplished alumni who achieve great things throughout the world. These women and men are well rounded, socially conscious global citizens of the world who use the foundational skills acquired in their time at Morristown-Beard to change the world for the better.

We invite you to read about the stories of these talented individuals below. Their personal and professional successes are inspirational, and illustrate the true impact of an MBS education for your daughter or son.

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Our Accomplished Alumni

We invite you to learn more about the talented women and men who have called MBS home. The stories of their lives provide an insightful view of the resounding, life-lasting impact that an MBS education has upon our graduates.

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Recent Graduates Reflect on the MBS Journey

You’re about to enter into the best game of chess you’ve ever played. You might think coming in as freshmen, you’re a pawn – but you’re not. At MBS you will find yourself embracing every role on the board. You will move in directions that will surprise you and those around you. Your mistakes will take you off the board at times, but you will find people to bring you back on. And along the way, you will find creativity within the rules, seize moments, develop your ability to plan ahead, and you will have the time of your life doing it.

Charlie Naples ’17, Senior Class President

Where else but MBS, after all, where the curriculum gives students ownership over their education both in and out of the classroom, could my peers and I have received a better tutorial on the balance between dreaming and doing? And while this campus is a beautiful setting for success, it is also the perfect place to fail. Every day, the Morristown-Beard community provides a safe place where familiar faces and laughter were always guaranteed. Under these roofs, my peers and I could make mistakes, learn from them, and return the next day. In that sense, at least, we could not help learning for learning for learning’s sake – even if we wanted to. I know that I am not alone when I say how grateful I am to have grown up in the temple of learning that is Morristown-Beard School, where I learned not only to do algebra and conjugate verbs, but also to understand myself and the world around me, as well as to always remember to reach towards the stars.

Olivia Land ’17, Co-Valedictorian

At MBS, it’s not just about understanding the material, it's about being able to raise your hand and say ‘I don’t agree with you,’ and not being shut down. Here, we have been taught that it’s okay to question material and to come to our own conclusions, rather than just consuming others’ opinions. Our classrooms are places where students and teachers alike come out enlightened with new perspectives, challenged to think more, think harder, and think differently.

Leah Seldin ’17, Co-Valedictorian

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