Thank You!

Thank you very much to all current parents who participated in the 30-Day Class Challenge. Because of you it was a tremendous success. The main goal of the Challenge was to increase current parent participation in The MB Fund. Strong parent participation in The MB Fund is a major factor in a grant maker's decision to award MBS additional funding. Your gift, even of one dollar, can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate and foundation support. During the Challenge, current parent participation increased from 47% to 66%. This is a great accomplishment!
Our goal of 70% participation was definitely ambitious, but we are thrilled with the end result. The students will be rewarded with a School-wide pizza party in the spring and will be able to dress up Peter Caldwell, Darren Burns, and Boni Luna in a "Crimson Crazies" outfit.  Thank you again to everyone who participated in the 30-Day Class Challenge – your gift truly makes a difference.
Here are the final current class percentages:

Current Participation by Grade