The goal of Morristown-Beard School’s 30-day Class Challenge is to increase overall participation rates in The MB Fund among each current class, grades 6-12. If all class participation rates of the School reach 70% by the end of the Challenge – Headmaster Peter Caldwell will reward the entire community with a Headmaster’s Day Off. There will be other fun rewards along the way as the percentages increase. 

Current Participation by Grade



January 31, 2020 – February 29, 2020


You! All current parents who have not given already to The MB Fund are encouraged to participate in the 30-Day Class Challenge. If you have already given to The MB Fund this fiscal year your gift has already been counted in the class participation percentages.


To Increase Current Parent Participation. There are many foundations and corporations that can award grant money to schools for specific needs. Strong parent participation in The MB Fund is a major factor in a grant maker’s decision to award MBS funding. Your gift, even one dollar, can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate and foundation support.

To Support Your MBS Family. Your gift – no matter the amount – demonstrates our parents’ pride in our School and belief in our mission. When your gift is combined with the gifts of hundreds of other parents, the impact is astounding.

To Impact Every Aspect of Campus Life. Gifts to The MB Fund pay for those extras like clubs and activities, classroom equipment, athletics and arts, field trips, faculty development, and much more.


Click below to make a gift! Or click here to see other ways to give. Your one gift, of even one dollar, will count towards each of your children’s class participation percentages.