Our Instructors

A message from Amanda Gregory,
Director of the Summer Institute:


“The Summer Institute is dedicated to providing students with unique, challenging, and engaging educational experiences. The courses students can take here will engage them in learning opportunities unlike what they will find in regular “school-year” classes. Taught by enthusiastic and gifted faculty with expertise in math, communications, the humanities, performing arts, earth science, biology, and space engineering, all the Summer Institute courses are immersive, collaborative, and hands-on. We are truly committed to providing a progressive vision of an integrated and interdisciplinary educational experience and, with the Summer Institute, teachers enjoy the chance to live out a utopian curriculum: students get our passions, expertise, and best ideas for classes in a fun and gradeless setting. What could be a better way to learn than that?”

In-Person Courses for Middle Schoolers

(rising 6th-8th grade)

Hands-on courses in creative writing, mathematics, digital art, drone engineering, and more.

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In-Person Courses for High Schoolers

(rising 9th-12th grade)

Interactive, challenging courses for high schoolers in writing and mathematics.

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Please write to us at summerinstitute@mbs.net.