Our Facilities

Nestled on twenty-two beautifully landscaped acres in historic Morristown, NJ, Morristown-Beard School combines the charm and character of a small college campus with the high-tech necessities of a modern education. Our campus includes new arts, academic, and athletic facilities and stately turn-of-the-century buildings in a quiet, park-like environment beside the picturesque Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

The Center for Innovation & Design

Opened in 2019, the Center for Innovation & Design (CID) provides more than 8,000 square feet of flexible and innovative space where students design, build, and problem solve as they engage in multidisciplinary projects.



The Math & Science Center 

the new 25,000 square foot math and science facility

In the fall of 2017, MBS opened a new 25,000 square foot math and science facility. In addition to the 8 math classrooms, DNA lab, chemistry lab, and art gallery, the new building houses an environmental science lab equipped with a stream table, aquarium and aquaponics system.

The 10-foot stream table housed in the Environmental Lab

Stream Table
Housed in the Environmental Lab, the 10-foot stream table is used in the Environmental Science class to explain the process of erosion, deposition, and delta formation.


180-gallon saltwater reef aquarium housed in the environmental lab

Located in the Environmental Lab, the 180-gallon saltwater reef aquarium is the new home for a variety of saltwater fish. As part of an independent study course, the student is required to maintain the aquarium.


Plant grow bed with 300 gallon water tank stocked with tilapia

Students observe plants in the "grow-bed" which is part of the Aquaponics system set up in the Environmental Lab. Underneath sits a 300-gallon water tank stocked with tilapia.


Science On a Sphere®

Science on a sphere, the only one in New Jersey

Morristown-Beard School has the only Science On a Sphere® in New Jersey, and one of two schools in the nation that has invested in this unique and exceptional educational tool.

In-Person Courses for Middle Schoolers

(rising 6th-8th grade)

Hands-on courses in creative writing, mathematics, digital art, drone engineering, and more.

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In-Person Courses for High Schoolers

(rising 9th-12th grade)

Interactive, challenging courses for high schoolers in writing and mathematics.

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