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MBS Summer Institute
Courses for Enrichment, July 20-31, 2020

At the Summer Institute, our courses are project-based, team-taught, and founded on the principles of design thinking: collaboration, brainstorming, prototyping, critique, and a constant interrogation of constraints in order to find new paths to success. The Summer Institute aims to balance the fostering of twenty-first century skills with the freedom of understanding and imagination as worthwhile in themselves. In all of our courses, students will be immersed in experiences that transcend single disciplines, demanding divergent thinking and the willingness to relish open-ended tasks. 

In light of the uncertainty around future public health guidelines for the state of New Jersey, the MBS Summer Institute will be offering virtual classes this summer, with some modified offerings. Below you will find links to course descriptions and details. Please contact Amanda Gregory at with any questions you might have.

Courses for Middle Years

(rising 6th-8th grade)

Hands-on courses in creative writing,
mathematics, and coding.

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Courses for Upper Years

(rising 9th-12th grade)

Interactive and challenging courses for
high schoolers in writing.

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Instructors work across disciplines and in teams to open new avenues of thoughts between traditional disciplines, bridging the gap between arts and sciences, verbal and mathematical skills, the imaginative and the empirical.

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By design, our courses ask students to create under constraints, to recognize that creativity requires critical thinking, and to surprise themselves with creative abilities that they may not realize they possess.

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Literally taking learning into your own hands; directly experiencing and living with challenges and questions.


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