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Extra- and co-curricular clubs and activities develop leadership and social awareness.

Beyond class, MBS students take part in many clubs and activities, and their involvement fuels a powerful School spirit.

Co-curricular opportunities include everything from a Student Government Association with a real voice in school life to an honored literary magazine, to the Sustainability Club, the Film Club, and Young Men of Color. Students also turn out in enthusiastic numbers for Coffee House and mini-concerts in Wilkie Hall and our Contemporary Music Workshops—two annual blockbuster performance events spotlighting MBS talent. Like so many school activities, these events are organized and run by students, reflecting their energy and ideas.

Click the bars below to learn more about our offered clubs and activities. If you would like to see Middle School clubs please view the Middle School Clubs page.

Upper School Clubs

Service Clubs


Student Leaders: P. Detre, T. Polaski

Faculty Advisor: C. Fleming

The Adopt-a-Trail club is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining a trail of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum by holding several cleanups each year. Volunteers clear brush, litter, and move fallen trees at sites around Morris County. Easy and fun community service hours. 

Amnesty International

Student Leaders: L. Smith, J. Kurz, S. Picozzi, T. Connell

Faculty Advisor: K. Karosen

Amnesty International club is a branch of the Amnesty International program. We review current international events and policies, developing interest for certain causes.  Then we see how us students can participate locally to support these causes.

Community Serivce Club

Student Leader: S. Valastro, J. Russomanno

Faculty Advisor: A. Deventer

The Community Service Club is an officially chartered community service club that is recognized internationally. This club organizes all community service projects for the school, including our successful Thanksgiving Food Drive. It also provides community service opportunities from outside the school community to help students find ways in which they can volunteer. 

GLOW: Girls Leading Our World

Student Leaders: C. Norteman, A. Shah, I. Silver, K. Bednarski

Faculty Advisors: Z. Jameson-Shea and N. Eyrich

Morristown-Beard School is dedicated to supporting and inspiring girls. Upper School members of GLOW hold discussions, facilitate gender workshops for students in the Middle School, and offer school-wide forums to increase awareness on topics such as domestic violence, consent, the influence of social media, and women in the workforce. Some of GLOW's recent events have included hosting successful female politicians and business people, and organizing a 5K on campus to benefit the United Nation's "Girl Up" initiative.

Habitat for Humanity

Student Leader: M. Corcoran

Faculty Advisor: A. Deventer

Habitat for Humanity is a community service club that is based around its yearly trip to build houses for low-income families in need. This club is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that builds and repairs houses around the world through volunteer work. This club also meets to discuss opportunities in our community to help the Habitat organization.


Student Leaders: G. Pinto

Faculty Advisor: A. Williamson, L. Kirschenbaum

Matheny is one of the valuable and widely cherished service clubs that MBS has to offer. On Monday afternoons, a group of student and teacher volunteers drives to the Matheny Medical and Education Center in Peapack, New Jersey. Matheny is a home and school for mentally disabled children and adults. The club engages in singing, dancing and playing games with the residents there. We have unlimited spots and look forward to more wonderful Middle and Upper School volunteers!

Peer Tutors

Faculty Advisor: K. Pepper

Our Peer Tutors program supports students helping students. Students can sign up in one or more subject areas to give help to their peers with studying, test prep, homework, and more. 

Social Justice Committee

Faculty Advisor: K. Karosen

The student social justice committee is comprised of the leaders of Spectrum, Kaleidoscope, GLOW, Mental Health Matters, and Amnesty International, as well as select students who have demonstrated a commitment to social justice causes. This committee provides an opportunity for students to collaborate with faculty members and administrators to design equitable and inclusive policies and school programming. 

Discussion Clubs

Architecture & Engineering Club

Student Leaders: J. DePoalo, J. Trombetta, G. Burke

Faculty Advisor: C. Payette

The Architecture & Engineering Club is dedicated to expanding the topic of architecture and engineering to the students in the MBS community. Our meetings consist of building projects, hosting speakers, trips to local firms, and having discussions.

Conservatives Club

Student Leaders: A. Giaquinto

Faculty Advisor: D. Burns

Founders Keepers

Student Leaders: M. Michel, R. Tone, L. Mennen

Faculty Advisor: S. Speidel

Founders Keepers is Morristown-Beard's theater club. The club participates in both on- and off-campus theater events and takes trips to Broadway and regional theaters. The club also sponsors on-campus visits from guest artists and participates in the annual STANJ theater competition.

Global Affairs

Student Leaders: E. Kenny

Faculty Advisor: R. Kenny

Global Affairs Club meets monthly to discuss current events. We talk about local, national and international news stories. Everyone is welcome to bring their opinions. Learn what's going on and contribute how you feel about it. We will talk about trade, security, elections and international relations. Stay informed and speak out on the issues at GAF!

Green Team

Student Leaders: P. Sanderson, K. Adams

Faculty Advisor: C. Zavorskas

Green Team is a place where members of the MBS community can come together to help improve the environment. We brainstorm and implement solutions to clean up the local ecosystem, and also try to educate and persuade people to modify their daily behaviors to make less of a negative impact on the Earth.


Student Leader: N. Lewis, S. Williams 

Faculty Advisor: L. Harrison

Kaleidoscope is a multi-cultural diversity club that promotes awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures on campus. Students gather to discuss topics surrounding socioeconomics and cultural identity. These students facilitate the planning of the annual MLK assembly. Participants in Kaleidoscope formed a step team, which regularly performs on-stage and at school sporting events. Upper School members of the group mentor and foster meaningful relationships with their counterparts in the Middle School Kaleidoscope club.

MB Cinema

Student Leaders: J. Levy, E. Kim

Faculty Advisor: C. Zavorskas, C. Finn

The Cinema Club is committed to bringing movie lovers and aspiring filmmakers together in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the year, we create short films that air at school meetings, hold film competitions, and also hold movie discussions. This year, we plan to hold a movie night, and also host a guest speaker. We hope to provide a casual venue for people to come together and explore the world of cinema!

Mental Health Matters

Student Leaders: A. Shah

Faculty Advisor: J. Sumner

Mental Health Matters is a club designed to increase awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health. Mindfulness is an integral component of our educational philosophy and students are encouraged to practice mindfulness techniques to promote balance, a feel of calm, and reduce anxiety. The club is student-led, but facilitated by one of our on-campus guidance counselors.


Student Leaders: I. O'Brian, Tate V.

Faculty Advisor: Z. Mazouat

Muse is a coalition for the advancement of visual arts on campus, throughout the student body, and within the surrounding community. Its goal is to create a space where creative minds can unite and further explore their various artistic interests. Appropriate for students of all artistic skill level, Musers will not only encourage each other in their creations but will inspire others through the production of publicly displayed works.

Music Production

Student Leaders: T. Quarrie

Faculty Advisor: R. Mitchell

Music Production club aims to create a place for music lovers to create and share music freely. Even if you don't make music, there will always be music playing on the stereo and plenty of debates to keep you occupied. All kinds of music are welcome. That means EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, and everything in between.


Student Leaders: M. Sit, Q. Harris

Faculty Advisor: C. Finn

Photography club allows students to explore their interest in photography in a casual setting, while also improving their skills with the camera. The club regularly hosts photography competitions, in which members of the MBS community submit one or more photos for consideration by the club members. This club is a great space to practice and show off photos!

Progressives Club

Student Leaders: L.Madden

Faculty Advisor: C. Teasdale

The Progressive Club is devoted to discussing current political issues encompassing multiple viewpoints, but mainly through a liberal one.

Sailing and the Sphere

Student Leaders: I. Jaeger

Faculty Advisor: P. Fisher

To promote the sport of sailing and utilize the science on a sphere for learning wind, current and storm patterns. The club will look at bait and sail design and how proper adjustments allow boats to be at the top of the pack in races. We will look at new technology and have members from our MBS community talk about how they affect the aero and hydrodynamics boats. This is a great opportunity to learn about etiquette and one of, if not the most, difficult sport in the world. 


Student Leaders: J. Lawrence, J. Steker

Faculty Advisor: K. Augustyniak

Spectrum is a gay-straight alliance club that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex) topics and organize school-wide events to raise awareness and celebrate the community. Some of these events include Pride Week, Kicking the Stigma, Night of Voices, and observance of the national Day of Silence. Members of this group also participate in the New Jersey Trans Youth Forum annually.

Sport & Activity Clubs

Akido Club

Student Leaders: T. Won

Faculty Advisor: C. Teasdale

The Aikido Club teaches students the self-defense-focused martial art of Aikido. Club activities this year will focus on hand-to-hand techniques and swordwork. 

Chess Club

Student Leaders: T. Connell, S. Picozzi, I. Silver, J. Kurz

Faculty Advisor: R. Kenny

Chess Club offers students an opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in a relaxed environment along with some friendly competition. Events are held regularly during activities periods and are open to all students.

Lifting Club

Student Leaders: D. Levine, M. Lindberg, C. Fagan

Faculty Advsior: K. Augustyniak

The Lifting Club promotes physical activity through lifting weights. This club meets several times per week for workouts, and organizes different competitions involving strength.

Ping Pong Club

Student Leaders: S. Popat, E. Davison

Faculty Advisor: K. McDonald

Ping Pong club allows students to relieve some stress after a full day at school. There will be multiple tournaments throughout the school year, and possibly some matches with other schools who have a ping pong team!

Ski Club

Student Leader: M. Carneiro

Faculty Advisors: J. Sumner, B. Merry

Ski Club was created for those who have an interest in skiing or snowboarding in a non-competitive environment. Members can either Snowboard or Ski on our weekly trips to Mountain Creek. From late January to early March the group leaves after school on Fridays and provides an opportunity for students in our community to engage in skiing or snowboarding, interact with new and old friends and relax on the mountain. 

Sports Leadership

Student Leader: M. Karrat

Faculty Advisor: M. Sturgeon

The sports leadership club enables our US athletes to work with our MS teams. The US athletes join the Middle School practices to model skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.


Student Leaders: A. Stecker, T. Gold

Faculty Advisor: C. Barnes

Zumba club was established to give students (and faculty) a unique way to relieve stress. Run by one of our own faculty, who is a licensed Zumba instructor, students and faculty can get in a good workout while enjoying exciting routines and fun music. 

Performance & Competition Clubs

Blood Drive

Student Leaders: T. Caudill, L. Tizzio, S. Popat, L. Smith

Faculty Advisor: L. Hartman

Student coordinators and captains work closely with a faculty advisor each year to organize fall and spring blood drives at MBS. Tasks include calling potential donors, organizing baked good donations, and being a positive presence at the drives to put donors at ease during their donation. Student positions are open to juniors and seniors.


Student Leaders: C. Schneider, L. Madden, I. O’Brien, and T. Quarrie

Faculty Advisor: T. Rusnack

CMW offers the opportunity for all students with an interest in expressing their musical talents to gain experience in planning and participating in two concerts per year. The fall and spring concerts showcase diverse styles of music with playlists that are chosen by the students themselves.


Student Leaders: I. Jaeger, L. Mennen

Faculty Advisor: B. Krauss

Crimsingers is a co-ed a cappella group open to all Upper School students that meets one evening per week to rehearse unaccompanied song selections, which are chosen by the students themselves. The group holds one performance each year in the spring.

Odyssey of the Mind

Student Leaders: T. Schietroma, J. Levy

Faculty Advisor: A. Holbrook, C. Zavorskas

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.

Quic Bowl

Student Leaders: T. Schietroma

Faculty Advisor: A. Gregory

Quiz Bowl gives students the opportunity to use their knowledge in a fun and competitive series of trivia matches. The club's members practice regularly and compete in various competitions throughout the year. In this team competition, participants will answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more.


Crimson Sun

Student Leaders: R. Tone

Faculty Advisor: O. Boynton

The Crimson Sun is the MBS student newspaper. There are four publications every year, and involvement entails news writing, photography, cartooning, and interviewing.


Student Leaders: C. Nortman, A. Chen, A. Stecker

Faculty Advisor: P. Donahue

Mariah is the literary arts magazine at Morristown Beard, publishing a collection of student produced art, poetry, prose, and photography once a year. Mariah also hosts events for people to practice creativity. 


Student Leaders: J. Cunningham, A. Bersch, A. Lafer

Faculty Advisor: C. Wooldredge

Salmagundi is a group of students who create the school's yearbook. Club members take photos of school events, design and edit the pages in the book and collaborate with Josten's Yearbook company to create a new and stylish book each year. 

Standard Candle

Student Leader: R. Tone, E. Buscemi, Q. Harris

Faculty Advisor: D. Lovelock

Language Clubs

French Club

Presidents are: P. Easley, L. Madden

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gorica Hadzic

The French club is a club devoted to speaking the French language and participating in French culture.

Latin Club

Student Leaders: J. Cunningham, J. Cohen

Faculty Advisor: M. McGrann

The Latin Club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in elements of Roman culture to gather and learn more. Club members need not be Latin students! The club hosts such activities as a Roman banquet and chariot races.

Spanish Club

Faculty Advisor: A. Pardo

The Spanish club is a club devoted to speaking the Spanish language, and participating in and learning more about Spanish culture.

Career Clubs


Student Leaders: K. Bednarski, M. Nagpal, C. O'Connor

Faculty Advisor: R. Kamil, R. Kenny

The BFI Club offers opportunities for students to learn about various aspects of business, finance, and investment. Students discuss current events affecting international markets, take field trips to financial institutions, and host on-campus speakers who are leaders in their fields.


Student Leaders: M. Sperling, C. Weinstein

Faculty Advisor: E. Fiorcia-Howells

If you are interested in learning about forensic science, solving mock crimes, and getting an inside look at a crime scene from real investigators, CSI club is for you!

Future Lawyers

Student Leaders: A. Martino

Faculty Advisor: B. Merry

Future Lawyers is a carrier-oriented club that is meant to give students a taste of how law works, and what it looks like in a school environment. We create mock trials, debate current events, and watch real trials to discuss what we observe. Discussions are open to everyone, even if you do not have a particular interest in law.

Future Physicians of America

Student Leaders: P. Beniwal

Faculty Advisor: M. Milinkovic

The Future Physicians of America is a career-oriented club for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. The club hopes to motivate and encourage students that wish to pursue these professions and to provide exposure to different medical fields, including clinical, surgical, and pharmaceutical. Club activities include listening to guest speakers, going over case studies, having debates, and suture workshops. 

Model UN

Student Leaders: C. Norteman

Faculty Advisor: T. Hannigan

Model UN is a club that prepares for and attends the Philadelphia MUN conference. At the conference students work in a committee to address a global issue of their choosing. Participants learn problem solving skills, balance cooperation and leadership, and practice expressing their ideas through writing and speech. 

Weather Services

Student Leaders: O. Braunstein

Faculty Advisor: J. Yuhas

The Weather Services Club studies meteorology on campus, and across the United States. There are three active branches: broadcasting, coding-programming, and social media. Our broadcasters create forecasts which are shared with the entire school at morning meetings. Students work with devices such as CO2 monitors and Raspberry Pis to gather data on campus. Club members integrate meteorology into the school community and share weather information through the MBS app.

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