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Celebrating the Class of 2020

As part of our tribute to the outstanding Morristown-Beard School Class of 2020, we are introducing this “MBS Celebrates Our Seniors” page. Each week, we will highlight a different group of seniors who share their favorite memories of the School.

Julia Abbott
Kimberly Adams

First day of senior year on senior circle.

Matthew Adelman
Senior Lot tailgate.My favorite MBS memory.
Morgan Angelo
Penelope Apel
Margot Armstrong

My favorite MBS memory was with the swim team. I made some great friendships, and I really enjoyed the meets and our relays. 

Ximena Arrocha
Sanaah Aslam

This is the opening night of Cabaret. In Founders. it is a tradition to take a photo the opening and closing nights of each show, and to wait for everyone to go outside and say hi to your friends and family. 

Anna Bajak

I am so grateful for all the amazing memories, the people, and the happiness that Morristown-Beard has brought into my life.

Massimo Banfi
Francesca Becchi
Joshua Bergman
Sasha Berniker

My favorite MBS memory is when we won states.

Brittany Berry
Sara Blanchard
Ryan Brown
Anika Buch

It goes without saying that, after seven years of calling MBS home, I will miss my family.  From my friends, to my fellow classmates, to my incredibly dedicated teachers, I am so grateful to have met each and every person I have along the way.  And the spaces at MBS, in my mind, are deeply interconnected to a sense of belonging to these people.  I’ll miss Founders, the Student Center, but most of all, I’ll miss the people who I meet there.  To MBS, thank you for an amazing seven years.

Michelle Carneiro
Ashley Chen
Haley Cipriano
Thomas Coleman
Dominick Commesso
Ian Cook
Archie Corteil
Patrick Coyne
Yihana Curl
Nikole D'Alessandro
Ethan Davison
Michael DeSimone
Paul Detre

Spirit week at MBS was one of my favorite memories and it was one of the most fun weeks of the year.

JayShon DuBose

Winning The Homecoming Game

Matthew Ellerthorpe
Samuel Ephraimson-Abt
Sabrina Fagan

One of my favorite memories is spirit week and the fun our grade had as a whole.

Erin Fay

My favorite memory during my MBS career was winning the state championship for girls soccer. Our game was against our rival Villa Walsh. Looking up and seeing the biggest crowd from our school and seeing kids that usually did not make it to games on school nights made it special. One of the players brought her pet Goldfish named Syed and had its bowl sitting on our bench, she claimed he was lucky.

Amanda Fradkin
Adam Giaquinto
Talia Gold
Kyle Gonyea

The Class of 2020 players on the lacrosse team have team dinner together the night before their State Championship game.

Samantha Grant

One of my favourite memories from my time at MBS is all of the mennen hockey games! Dressing up in crimson crazy theme and packing the stands will always be a highlight!

Elijah Green

No matter what relationship I had with the people in this photo, close friends or not, they have helped me grow as a person. My time at MBS would not have been the same without you guys, and I’m thankful for every experience I’ve had during my 7 years here as a lifer.

Mason Guida
Camryn Hartkern

Here's a picture of me and some of my friends on senior circle in September! We were so excited to begin our senior year and to be able to be together again at MBS. I miss being able to spend time with my friends on campus and taking pictures together like this.

James Harvett
Amelia Hawkins

I have had many great memories throughout my seven years at MBS, but my favorite moment was at the NJSIAA Prep Swimming Championship in 2018. I will never forget breaking the 200 IM and 200 Free relay records with Reagan Waters, Margot Amstrong, and Kaitlyn Tartaglione. Our relay has accomplished so much together the last four years, and I am so thankful I got to experience this moment with such an amazing group of girls!

Allison Hess
Madison Hughes

Here is a video of one of my many favorite memories I got to experience at MBS.  The video shows the softball team closing out our Prep B final game last year to beat Doane Academy for the second year in a row.  Although I wish we could've tackled another Prep B title this year, I'm grateful for the last three years I got to spend at third base and on this team.  Those spring seasons will always be my favorite, and I already miss the girls so much.

Katherine Humphrey
Theodore Hunkins
Addisyn Ibrahim

My favorite memory was when we won the county championship and everyone stormed the court.

Meaghan Karrat
Jonathan Kay

This picture was taken on the last day of junior year. I don't have an exact single memory that stands out from the bunch, but whenever I go there I just think of all the fun I had there.

Stephen Kelly
William Kelly
Rachael Kelson
Emma Kenny
Henry Larson
Sarah Laud

On September 25, 2019 at approximately 6:15 am 110 seniors gathered in the Senior Lot for an early morning Tailgate. That morning showed just how much the Class of 2020 loves each other enough to wake up extra early to kick off our last spirit week at the Morristown-Beard School.

Dennis Layden
Zachary Lebovitz

There are many memorable moments from MBS, and a lot for me came from winning, but this one stood out as very special: winning homecoming on Senior Day. 

Jacqueline Levy
Julian Levy
Matthew Lohmann
Sophia Martino

My favorite MBS memory was moving up from the middle school to the upper school and starting my freshman year with so many new people, who eventually became some of my lifelong best friends.

Thomas Matthews

This photo is from right after the hockey team won the Mennen Cup. This is (and will always be) one of my favorite memories from my time at MBS.

Owen McCann
Kathleen McDonald
Whitney McDonnell

My favorite MBS memory.

Josh Merlin
Patrick Merrigan
Erjon Mersimi
Molly Michel

The Morristown-Beard Girls Tennis team ringing the homecoming bell after beating #8 state ranked Gill St. Bernards to go to the finals of the state sectional tournament. 

Dyson Mitchell
Kaya Moody
Sean Moseson
Caleb Moten
Tashana Noel
Dillon Pamnani
Nathaniel Panza
Thomas Polaski
Isabella Porraro

My favorite MBS memory was every single play and musical I did. I never been more happy then to be there every single day. They are my second family. We all support and love each other and have made endless memories through our high school years. I am forever grateful for them.

Louisa Randazzo
Jessica Roitman