Who to Contact

In the uncertainty of the year, please use the following as a guide for who at the School to contact under different circumstances.

Questions about Health and Wellness

Who to ask if...

...my student is ill or otherwise unable to participate in a school day?

Middle School: Rose Borowsky, rborowsky@mbs.net Upper School: Denise Elliott, delliott@mbs.net

...I have any medical questions?

Nurse’s Office: Bridget Marcato, bmarcato@mbs.net

...my child needs emotional or social support?

Upper School Guidance/Wellness:
- Eddie Franz, efranz@mbs.net
- Jenna Sumner, jsumner@mbs.net

Middle School Guidance/Wellness: 
- Sam Tuttle, stuttle@mbs.net

...I have questions about helping my child stay physically active at home?

Upper School Guidance Counselors:
- Eddie Franz, efranz@mbs.net
- Jenna Sumner, jsumner@mbs.net

Middle School Guidance Counselor:
- Sam Tuttle, stuttle@mbs.net

Questions about Academics

Who to ask if...

...prefer my child learn remotely? Boni Luna, Head of the Middle School, bluna@mbs.net, or Ryan Liese, Head of the Upper School, rliese@mbs.net

...my child needs academic support?

Advisor and/or Class Instructor in relevant subject CTL learning specialist, if assigned

...my child has a question about a specific class or assignment?

Relevant class instructor

...my child needs technology help?

Digital Learning Support: Caitlin Skobo-Trought, ctrought@mbs.net

...I have a question about Academic Policy and Curriculum?

Director of Curriculum: Boni Luna, bluna@mbs.net Associate Director of Curriculum: Owen Boynton, oboynton@mbs.net

...I have a question about the classes my child is registered for in the coming semester or year?

Director of Academic Scheduling and Analytics: Rocio Romero, rromero@mbs.net

...I have questions regarding college counseling?

General Questions: Noreen Cassidy, ncassidy@mbs.net

Assigned College Counselor:
- Noreen Cassidy, ncassidy@mbs.net
- Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net
- Joanne Goldberg, jgoldberg@mbs.net
- Lauren Laskey, llaskey@mbs.net

...I have general questions related to my child’s Upper School experience?

Advisor and Grade Dean
- 9th: Katie Pepper, kpepper@mbs.net
- 10th: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net
- 11th: Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net
- 12th: Kate Alderman, kalderman@mbs.net

...I have a question about a particular discipline, placement, or course offerings?

Relevant Department Chairs
- Art and Design: Pete Donahue, pdonahue@mbs.net
- English: Nikolin Eyrich, neyrich@mbs.net
- History: Brian Merry, bmerry@mbs.net
- Math: Miklos Jalics, mjalics@mbs.net
- Performing Arts: David Gold, dgold@mbs.net
- Science: Chris Payette, cpayette@mbs.net
- Wellness: Sam Tuttle, stuttle@mbs.net
- World Language: Jen Laviola, jlaviola@mbs.net

Questions about Programming or Policies

Who to ask if...

...I have a question about clubs or activities?

Director of Middle School Student Life: Jen Rose, jrose@mbs.net
Director of Co-Curricular Activities: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net

...I have a question about athletics?

Director of Athletics: Joanne Dzama, jdzama@mbs.net
Director of Middle School Athletics: Mike Sturgeon, msturgeon@mbs.net

...I have a question about diversity and inclusion or equity?

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Klarissa Karosen, kkarosen@mbs.net

...I have a question about behavioral guidelines and rules?

Please consult the MBS Family Handbook or contact:

Division Head
- Middle School: Boni Luna, bluna@mbs.net
- Upper School: Ryan Liese, rliese@mbs.net

Grade Dean
- Middle School; Lisa Swanson, lswanson@mbs.net
- 9th: Katie Pepper, kpepper@mbs.net
- 10th: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net
- 11th: Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net
- 12th: Kate Alderman, kalderman@mbs.net

Latest Communications:

Mask Mandate Remains in Effect at School:

Governor Murphy has relaxed the mask guidelines for New Jersey, but this update does not apply to public, private, elementary and secondary schools.

MBS will continue to uphold the mask policy currently in place, regardless of vaccination status.

Students should wear their masks at all times during the academic day, except during lunch and while socially distancing outside.