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An Engaging Middle School Curriculum

Our student-centered Middle School program is designed to meet the needs of growing adolescents.

Our Private Middle School program is designed to cultivate a culture of learning while engaging and challenging our students in grades 6 through 8.

As a student-centered, child-centered institution, we value the natural attributes each child brings to the School, and wherever a student might be developmentally upon entering our Middle School, at MBS there is a pathway to academic success and personal enrichment.

Middle School Courses

The mission of the Middle School curriculum is to respond to the wide diversity and multiple developmental tasks of grade 6-8 students. The Middle School curriculum is the major component of a culture of learning which provides a sound academic background while challenging students to be actively engaged in their own academic growth. Our courses are based on the conviction that middle school students need to construct knowledge and the context for that knowledge by moving from what they already know to what they want and need to know. The objectives of the curriculum include mastering concepts and skills specific to each area of study, reasoning logically, experimenting with new ideas, making judgments, using imagination, and attaching meaning to what is learned.

Middle School Programs

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Middle School Signature Programs

As educators, we know that the intellectual development and emotional growth of our students in grades 6 through 8 is essential to their search for their identities as they define themselves in terms of new relationships and roles with peers and adults.

Both in and beyond our Middle School classrooms, learning for our students includes a strong social and emotional foundation as we deepen their awareness of self and others, and help them form a sense of how they might contribute to and flourish in the world. Our Signature Programs promote that development in ways that reinforce and build on traditional learning models. Through our Signature Programs, your child will be inspired to explore, discover, and act.

Current Middle School Signature Programs:

Middle School Signature Programs

English Workshop

MBS provides students in 7th and 8th grade with intensive writing workshop periods that supplement their regular English classes.

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Financial Literacy

Each Middle School class suspends its normal activities for a portion of the year to offer your child a mini-semester (a “mini-mester”) on financial literacy.

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