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Faculty discusses lessons with two high school students who are writing on a white board
The Pursuit of Excellence

Our teaching practices and tools lay the foundations for student success in higher education and in life

Explore the Pillars of a Morristown-Beard school Education:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The MBS Experience: An End in Itself

At Morristown-Beard School, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. Thanks to a talented faculty and a 22-acre campus infused with advanced educational technology and learning tools like Science On a Sphere, our student experience is truly unique—something more substantial, significant, and lasting than the typical scholastic experience.

These 6th to 12th grade years for your child aren’t simply means to an end. The journey at Morristown-Beard is an end in itself, an opportunity to discover, explore, and grow as a thinker, a learner, and a human being.

Dr. John Mascaro – Dean of Faculty

On an ongoing basis, we steadily work through our educational practices to revise and reform them so that they are laying the foundations for student success in higher education and in life.

Upper School student Trevone discusses the opportunities to discover afforded to him by his Morristown-Beard experience.

Middle School student Matt talks about the hands-on, real-world learning that takes places on campus and the adjacent Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

Immerse Yourself in the MBS Experience

Two middle school boys in suits smiling at their desks

Immerse yourself in our unique learning experience and see our educational technology and learning tools in action on a campus visit.


Curricular Philosophy

To ensure excellence in teaching and learning for your student, we embrace the following curricular philosophy
to guide teachers in the deployment of their craft:

CRITICAL THINKING that focuses on the way a student reasons and approaches a problem or situation; the process is of more importance than the particular subject area in which the thinking is instantiated.
RISK-TAKING is encouraged. The reward structure of an educational setting should recognize this as a valid learning modality, even when an investigation does not proceed as expected. Appropriate follow-up should be encouraged. Play or a sense of fun is a key component in nurturing appropriate intellectual risk-taking.
WRITING is a means of thinking and developing thoughts, not just a way to record pre-existing ideas. Analytic and reflective writing should not be the exclusive domain of the traditional text-based disciplines, but should be actively encouraged across the curriculum.
ASSESSMENT of student learning and thinking is driven by educational objectives. It is not limited to in-class test taking, but may take many forms. Assessments attempt wherever possible to engage higher-order cognitive functions. They should themselves contain a learning component going beyond the mere recycling of information.
CONNECTIONS can be made across disciplines, more so as students mature. This includes reflections among common or connected subject areas, common approaches to solving problems, and deep-seated principles.
HOMEWORK should be germane to the educational objectives of a course and not exceed what is needed to achieve those objectives.
PROFESSIONAL AWARENESS of basic theories and modalities of learning is expected of all MBS teachers, along with understanding of the fundamental questions that drive educational research. Teachers should model the behavior of risk-taking and critical thinking expected of their students.

Professional Development

An Everlasting Quest for MBS Faculty

Excellence in teaching and learning depends upon a passion for the pursuit of new knowledge. At Morristown-Beard School, our faculty members continually explore both the professional aspects of teaching as well as particular areas of academic interest and expertise in order to grow their skills and knowledge base. This professional development directly impacts your child's education at MBS, as our teachers work quickly to incorporate new instructional approaches and learning tools into their classrooms.

We’re happy to share a few examples of recent faculty professional development. As a school, we’re quite proud of these impressive accomplishments in the professional development realm:

Brent Deisher

Brent Deisher (Science) earned a scholarship to attend both the Maitland P. Simmons Summer Institute for middle school science teachers and the corresponding New Jersey Science Convention, sponsored by the New Jersey Science Teachers Association. The Maitland P. Simmons Summer Institute focused on interdisciplinary science instruction, with a particular emphasis on integrating engineering practices into the science classroom. As a result of his studies, Brent created a new unit on wind energy, including an activity in which 8th graders design and build wind turbines and test their power output with Vernier sensors.

Andrea Deventer

Andrea Deventer (Performing Arts) attended a four-day “Professional Dance Teacher Retreat” near Boston, Massachusetts. Classes were held on “Classic Dance Techniques,” “Critique Your Choreography,” “Combinations Using Non-8-Count Music,” and “Progressive Warm-up Through Age Levels,” to name a few. Andrea had the opportunity to spend time with other dance teachers from around the country, exchanging ideas about her craft.

Darren Lovelock

Darren Lovelock (English) travelled to White Plains, New York, for a one-day Learning and the Brain training seminar entitled “Active Differentiation in Practice.” Dr. Kristina J. Doubet, a Professor of Education at the College of Education at James Madison University, advised seminar attendees about best practices in implementing initiatives in differentiated instruction, curriculum design, digital learning, and classroom assessment. Darren returned to MBS, armed with more than a dozen new ideas that he shared with the English Department.

Gorica Hadzic

Gorica Hadzic (World Languages) attended the Annual Conference “Français langue étrangère—French dual-language conference” organized by the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). The conference focused on the benefits of a dual language education, as well as the growing body of research on bilingualism that confirms the lasting impact that these immersion programs will have for generations to come.

Laurie Hartman

Laurie Hartman (Visual Arts) enrolled in a one-on-one follow-up course in “Creating Digital Negatives” with professional photographer Morgan Post. Previously, Laurie studied with Post at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York, learning how to make enlarged negatives from digital files, as well as scanned black and white film negatives. The concentration was on adjusting those negatives specifically for platinum printing, all helpful information for Laurie to use in her “Advanced Photography” course.

Michael McGrann

Michael McGrann (World Languages) attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration for SALVI (the North American Institute of Living Latin Studies). The celebration included presentations about teaching Latin and Classics at both the secondary and tertiary levels, workshops about topics ranging from specific teaching techniques to the development of the Latin language, a musical performed in Latin, and social interactions with friends and colleagues. Michael also presented at the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey (FLENJ) Annual Conference.

Student Achievement

A Celebration of Excellence in Learning

We’re also excited to share stories that highlight notable achievements earned by our talented students. These students represent MBS well, and we are delighted to recognize a few of them below.

Student Achievement

MBS Centers for Learning

Decades of academic research highlight the importance of both meaningful teacher-student engagement and highly experiential learning in the intellectual growth of young people. Accordingly, Morristown-Beard School has thoughtfully created three Centers for Learning to best engender the high-level development of several essential skills in your child.

Center for Academic Writing

The Center for Academic Writing helps your child embrace the writing process, learning to appreciate writing as a tool for inquiry while experimenting to find her or his voice on the page.

Center for Teaching & Learning

Throughout their school experience, MBS students receive support and instruction from the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Center for Innovation & Design

Opened in 2019, the Center for Innovation & Design (CID) provides more than 8,000 square feet of flexible and innovative space where students design, build, and problem solve as they engage in multidisciplinary projects.

Explore the Pillars of an MBS Education

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