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Setting the Standards for the Region

Our commitment is unwavering in providing the very best environment and tools for learning, growth, and success.

Explore the Pillars of a Morristown Beard school Education:

Building a 21st-Century Campus

A 15-Year, $50 Million Investment into Innovative, Top-of-Market Facilities and Learning Tools

An unprecedented era of philanthropic support for physical improvements to our campus has enabled Morristown Beard School to build a learning environment that sets the standard for Middle and Upper Schools in this region.

Over the past 15 years, MBS has dedicated $50 million to 16 major building and renovation projects that have transformed its picturesque 22-acre campus, enhancing its ability to deliver high-level academic rigor, co-curricular activities, and social engagement.

Large-scale projects, including the construction of a new Middle School, Math & Science Center, and Performing Arts Center, have led the way, while significant renovations of Simon Athletic Center, the Rooke Pool, several athletic fields, and the Technology Center also help MBS honor its unwavering commitment to provide our students and faculty with the very best environment and tools for learning, growth, and success.

Center for Innovation & Design

The cutting-edge Center for Innovation & Design (CID) is helping students achieve the next level of academic success, enhancing our already rigorous academic program and deepening the levels of student engagement across all disciplines.

A natural extension of the $12.6 million Math & Science Center, this highly anticipated center which opened in 2019 provides more than 8,000 square feet of space for students to explore, experiment, design, and problem solve as they engage in multi-disciplinary projects. While other schools in the area have innovation and design spaces, MBS will be the only school with a CID of this size and scope. The center features:

  • State-of-the-Art Computer Science Studio
  • Professional Sound and Film Studios
  • Artisan Studio for work with metal, stained glass, and jewelry
  • Makerspace Studio

Just as the Math & Science Center is helping to generate a host of new independent study options and student-led research projects, the CID is a hub for original work that is fueled by our students’ passions. The CID truly inspires and supports “design thinking” for both our Middle School and Upper School students as they collaborate and engage with faculty and each other to develop new ideas and projects.

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The Math & Science Center

To best study a world dramatically transformed by globalization, scientific advancement, and technology, MBS students truly needed a highly adaptable, innovative math and science facility designed to optimize discovery, design, and deep analytical thought. The Math & Science Center has answered this call, with our talented students enjoying the study of the challenging, intricate concepts found throughout mathematics and the sciences in a cutting edge, technology-enhanced learning environment.


Math and Science Facility
Math and Science Facility
Math and Science Facility

The $12.6 million building features a multitude of light, air, and space to best engender creative and deep thought. With significant design input from our esteemed Math and Science faculty, the 25,000 square foot facility includes:

  • Eight science classrooms/laboratories, prep rooms, and independent research labs
  • Eight mathematics classrooms
  • An environmental science laboratory
  • A dynamic math studio
  • A DNA laboratory
  • An art gallery
  • Small group study areas
  • Open common space for students and faculty

The environmental sciences laboratory includes several innovative teaching tools, including:

Stream Table

Housed in the Environmental Lab, the 10-foot stream table is used in Environmental Sciences courses and Independent Study. Students are able to explore the processes of erosion, deposition, and delta formation.


Located in the Environmental Lab, the 180-gallon saltwater reef aquarium is the home for a variety of fish. Students help maintain the aquarium, which also serves as an interactive learning tool for Environmental Sciences and Independent Study courses.


Students observe the growth of different plants in the "grow bed", which is part of an Aquaponics system. Underneath the grow bed sits a 300-gallon water tank, well stocked with tilapia.

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While the best way to experience Morristown Beard School is through a campus visit, we invite you to learn more about our campus buildings by clicking the boxes below or viewing our interactive campus map.

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