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Harmonizing Student Life

MBS draws the best out of its students by harmonizing academic rigor with a life of balance and authentic learning.

Explore the Pillars of a Morristown-Beard school Education:

Balance for Students

Our Commitment

At Morristown-Beard School, we are deeply invested in guiding students to reach their potential within a life of balance and authentic learning.

This academic philosophy often represents a significant change for many students who come to MBS from a more traditional, pressure-filled school environment. These academic institutions usually reward work for work’s sake, teaching students to choose grades over growth and class rankings over collaboration. These hyper-competitive, “grade grinding” school atmospheres produce the antithesis of an ideal learning environment, and negatively affect the social, emotional, and mental well-being of its students.

We’re proud that balance for our students—in learning and in life—is a hallmark of a MBS education, and our commitment to this important promise to your child will always remain an integral part of our mission.

The important journey that each student will take while at Morristown-Beard School will be different. It will be a scholastic experience filled with excitement, challenge, achievement, and growth, for MBS draws the best out of its students by harmonizing academic rigor with moral and ethical development.

Headmaster Peter Caldwell on What Balance Looks Like at MBS


A More Transformational Experience

Grounded in educational research, our instruction and curriculum challenge students to engage deeply in a program that stresses depth over breadth and process over product. In addition, we know from research that students who are fully engaged in the life of the school through participation in the arts, athletics and community service have a richer and more transformational experience.

Accordingly, we offer a full athletics program, a vigorous performing, visual, and digital arts curriculum, and myriad community service activities alongside our forward-thinking, technologically enhanced academic program to ensure students enjoy balance in their lives.

Schedules that Allow for Student Balance

Our newly-revised schedule reflects our steadfast commitment to balance. Collaborative periods that are permanently built into the schedule provide significant blocks of time for students to engage with each other for social and/or scholastic purposes, attend club and student government activities and meetings, and seek out extra help from faculty members. Twice a week, students and faculty enjoy the printed word during our reading periods, which remind and encourage MBS students to read for pleasure.

Middle School Schedule

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Upper School Schedule

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Support and Guidance Programs

The Advisory Program, Wellness Department, Guidance Counselors, Center for Teaching & Learning, and other sources of academic and emotional support provide MBS students with layers of assistance, helping them recognize and work to overcome the stress that can often accompany the teen years.

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We invite you to attend an Open House to learn how our balanced learning environment benefits the well-being of our students socially, emotionally, and mentally.

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Explore the Pillars of an MBS Education

Balance for Students

We are invested in guiding students to reach their maximum potential within a life of balance and authentic learning.

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