Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

During each year of the Middle School program, our students and teachers delve into the world beyond MBS through off-campus classes, visits, trips, community service projects, and other outreach programs.

Our historic location, adjacent to the picturesque Frelinghuysen Arboretum and Whippany River, affords the opportunity for students to get outside while the learning continues. Meanwhile, community service initiatives in downtown Morristown allow our students to connect with the institutions and sociocultural diversity of the area. In addition, we travel to Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC, to interact with a variety of American history and heritage sites.

Finally, one of the most unique and defining experiences outside of the Middle School classroom doesn’t involve actually going anywhere. Instead, our sixth-graders learn about weather, geography, and oceanography by following the travels of one tiny and very well-stocked vessel! Throughout the school year, a five-foot mini-boat equipped with sensors and tracking devices, travels the ocean, landing
occasionally, so that students can gather data that will help them develop a sense of the magnitude and complexity of our big, blue planet.


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