Advanced Seminars / Advanced Studies Program

In an effort to provide a rigorous alternative to the standardized curriculum and testing of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the Upper School offers a suite of Advanced courses that equal or exceed AP courses in terms of conceptual challenge, complexity of material, development of critical skills and overall preparation for college academics. These courses, which are either one semester (Advanced Seminar courses) or full year (Advanced Studies courses), are proposed by MBS faculty with a particular interest and expertise in a given field and are subject to a thorough peer-review process, overseen by a committee of experienced teachers with college teaching backgrounds.

These advanced courses foreground critical thought and discussion, require students to work independently and are flexible enough to encompass a broad range of course themes. In all Advanced courses, the level of reading, writing and discussion completed by your student equals the levels found in a first-year college course. Both Advanced Seminar and Advanced Studies courses are designated with the prefix “AS,” indicating a level of academic rigor comparable to or exceeding AP courses.

Recent Advanced Seminar offerings include:
French Cultural Studies: Happiness, Feast Days and Celebrations
Metaphysics: Philosophy of the Mind
Political Philosophy
Science, Culture and the Decade of the 1960s
Stigma and Identity in Ancient Greece
Technology, Society, Values
The Economics of Natural Resources
The Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Current Advanced Studies offerings include:
A History of Western Ideas
Italian Language and Culture
Organic Chemistry
Roman Literature of the Golden Age
The Literature of Modernism


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