Advanced Seminars

Advanced Seminars are proposed by MBS faculty with a particular interest and expertise that do not fit neatly in departmental categories, either because they are interdisciplinary or because they live beyond the main MBS departmental structure. Advanced Seminars are subject to a thorough peer-review process, overseen by a committee of experienced teachers with college teaching backgrounds. The classes foreground critical thought and discussion, require students to work independently and are flexible enough to encompass a broad range of course themes. In all Advanced Seminars, the level of reading, writing and discussion completed by your student equals the levels found in a first-year college course. 

Advanced Seminars for 2022-2023 include:

Fashion: Global Imperatives, Materiality, Embodiment
Explorations in Russian Language and Culture
Human Reasoning and Logic
The Phonograph Effect: How Technology Has Transformed Music
Aesthetic and Cultural Understanding: Early Arts of East Asia
Network Analysis: Connecting the Dots


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