Xbox Advertising Executive Speaks to Marketing Class

Xbox Advertising Executive Speaks to Marketing Class

Sue Dunphy, the Global Lead of Xbox Advertising Sales spoke with students in Scott Greene’s Marketing & Advertising class on Wednesday about her career path and trends in the industry.

Ms. Dunphy traced her professional journey from Microsoft to Verizon Media to her current role with Xbox, and emphasized the importance of being flexible to stay ahead in the rapidly-changing technology landscape.

“I never trained to go into advertising. What I’m doing now and the companies that I work with now didn’t exist when I went to school,” said Ms. Dunphy, who graduated from Lafayette College with a degree in English. 

She said that it is important to develop skills that will help you throughout your life – from personal to professional – and can translate to any field.

“Public speaking and writing are important tools to have in your toolbox no matter what career you ultimately decide to pursue,” she said. “The connections that you make in college are also key.”

In a Q&A session with students, Ms. Dunphy spoke about her daily responsibilities, the impact of the pandemic on the gaming industry, and the most enjoyable part of her job. “For me, the best part of my job has always been creating custom campaigns for my clients,” she said. 


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