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Whippanies Win 2019 House Challenge Cup

After a long year of challenges, contests, and events, the Whippanies captured the 2019 8th Grade House Challenge Cup. With the victory, the Whippanies have now won their sixth House Challenge Cup — more than any other House.

The House Challenge Cup, which began in 2006, is designed to boost class spirit while also giving students a sense of the School's tradition. The eighth grade House names are rooted in Morristown and Beard School history - the Athenians and the Spartans were taken from the Beard School, while the Shongums and Whippanies were part of the Morristown School tradition.

This year, sixth and seventh graders were also assigned to the Houses as honorary members, and participated in many of the challenges.

To capture the Challenge Cup, the Houses compete in events throughout the year including dodgeball, quiz bowl, shield design, and a scavenger hunt. Students can also win points for their House based on their performance in academic and extracurricular activities. On the flip side, students can lose points for their House if they commit dress code infractions or if their behavior does not reflect the values of the School.

Challenge Cup Champions

2019 Whippanies
2018 Shongums
2017 Spartans
2016 Whippanies
2015 Athenians
2014 Whippanies
2013 Athenians
2012 Shongums
2011 Spartans
2010 Athenians
2009 Whippanies
2008 Spartans
2007 Whippanies
2006 Whippanies


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