Visual Art & Design Expo Website Highlights Student Work

We invite you to explore the new MBS Visual Art & Design Expo website, highlighting  the work that our talented students created during the 2020-21 academic year in their Design Arts & Sciences classes.

Please visit the site at:

“The faculty of the Art and Design Department are delighted to share our students' work from the 2020-2021 school year,” said Department Chair Peter Donahue. “We're proud of what they were able to achieve as artists and designers in a challenging year with many restrictions. The frequent pivots to remote instruction required a great deal of creativity from both faculty and students alike, especially when the tools, materials, and half-finished projects were inaccessible. Given the challenges, our students truly rose to the occasion and learned a great deal about creative problem solving. Foundations students learned about the principles of color, value, and composition in a blend of at-home, in school, and digital projects. Students in Glass Design made excellent use of open studio time to catch up on their work. Film Photo students reinforced their value and composition skills through digital assignments. Graphic Design students critiqued each others' work in online galleries. And these are just a few examples!”

Special thanks to faculty members Deanna Whelan for creating the site and Nik Marmo for preparing the media presentations on campus.


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