Upper Schoolers Lead Identity and Perspective Workshops for Middle School

On Tuesday, February 25th and Wednesday, February 26th, Middle School students participated in identity and perspective workshops led by Upper School students.  

The sessions, which were led by Upper Schoolers who participated in the Diversity & Inclusion Retreat in January, addressed how we understand the seen and unseen aspects of people’s identities.   

On the first day, all groups participated in an ice breaker activity about communication and perspective. 

On the second day, the groups participated in age-appropriate discussions. The 6th Graders completed an activity about the seen and unseen aspects of identity and how those can impact the way people interact with each other. The 7th Graders discussed issues of racial and ethnic identity and implicit bias, while the 8th Graders talked about issues of sexual and gender identity.

The workshops were organized by Middle School history teacher Sara Alders and Upper School history teacher/Director of Diversity & Inclusion Klarissa Karosen.  Thanks to all of the Upper School students who served as facilitators:  Hannah Blake, Laila Cook, Nyla Gordon-Crocker, Rafael Cruz, JayShon DuBose, Camille Ferrell, Alex Grayzel, Abel Guzman, Sarah Karbachinskiy, Jon Kay, Emma Kenny, Tashana Noel, Erika Phanord, Samantha Rivera, Alex Shah, Anjalika Shah, Maddie Sperling and Kailyn Williams.


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