Upper School Students Participate in Diversity & Inclusion Retreat

During the weekend of January 25th, 22 MBS Upper School students and six faculty chaperones participated in a Diversity and Inclusion Retreat in Blairstown, NJ.

The retreat was designed to provide students with an opportunity to discuss and celebrate their differences as well as their common bonds. Throughout the weekend, students addressed topics of race, class, gender, sexuality, mindfulness and mental health. 

Activities included guided meditations, a reflective hike, a painting exercise, and more. 

“The workshops and discussions do not focus on politics or determining what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’” said Director of Diversity and Inclusion Klarissa Karosen. “The activities are designed to encourage the students to see how their identities intersect, and to build empathy and leadership skills to become agents of change within the MBS community.”

Student participants included: Emma Bosacki, Hannah Blake, Laila Cook, Rafael Cruz, JayShon DuBose, Camille Ferrell, Nyla Gordon-Crocker, Amanda Fradkin, Alex Grayzel, Abel Guzman, Allie Hess, Sarah Karbachinskiy, Jonathan Kay, Rachael Kelson, Tashana Noel, Erika Phanord, Jessica Redington, Samantha Rivera, Alex Shah, Maddie Sperling, J’Meeyah White, and Kailyn Williams.

Faculty and staff members Klarissa Karosen, Jenna Sumner, Zoe Jameson-Shea, Liz Harrison, Katie Cannito, and Andrew Holbrook served as chaperones and helped facilitate the discussions. 


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