Theatre Students Participate in STANJ Competition

Students from the MBS Theater Program participated in a statewide scene and monologue competition on Saturday, January 12th.  Run by the Speech Theater Association of NJ, the annual competition hosts 30 schools with more than 400 students competing.  

Workshops in various aspects of theater were also offered for the students during the afternoon sessions. MBS students participating were:

Rebecca Tone - Dramatic Monologue / Shakespeare Monologue
Lauren Mennen - Dramatic Monologue / Comedic Monologue / Senior Scholarship
Will Srere - Comedic Monologue
Sam Kasmin - Comedic Monologue
Erica Phanord - Dramatic Monologue
Ashley Chen - Dramatic Monologue
Bella Porraro - Comedic Monologue / Comedic Scene
Camryn Hartkern - Comedic Scene


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