Sydney Urbach '25 Utilizes iPad Pro to Create Stunning Artwork

Sydney Urbach '25 was able to display the time lapse of a drawing she had to create for her Digital Sketch and Draw class in the attached video. She used the app Procreate, the most cost effective, popular, and preferred drawing app for iPad users ranging from young artists to professionals in the field such as Graphic Designers, Architects, Engineers, Animators, and more. Students have a sketch assigned weekly where students are presented with constraints surrounding a theme, a time requirement, and tools in the app. At the beginning of every week, students eagerly show their final piece to their peers and receive feedback. Because of the time lapse feature built into Procreate, students are able to see the creation of each piece of work from beginning to end.

Morristown Beard School was one of the first schools in the country to integrate the iPad into the classroom. The newest iteration, the iPad Pro, has revolutionized the way students use it in the classroom across all subjects. Teachers and students have adapted and improved their workflows and portfolios of work.  MBS Graphic Design and Digital Illustration students have used it as their primary device since 2017 for creating their pieces. The quality of the student’s work shows a remarkable difference. The addition of the Apple Pencil has made a huge impact in the classroom because of it’s pixel-perfect precision, pressure sensitivity, and support for palm rejection. Students use it to draw, take notes, and mark up documents. These tools not only changed the way students and teachers work in the classroom, they also made the transition from in-person learning to distance learning practically seamless. Students had the same tools they needed to complete work from home and share their completed piece with each other.

Visit the Visual Art and Design Expo, where you can explore more work created by MBS students during the 2020-2021 academic year.


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