Studio Art Class Creates Snapchat Filter Self-Portraits

While self-portraits can be daunting for new artists, students in Zach Mazouat’s Foundations: Studio art classes enjoyed a fun new approach to the assignment — drawing portraits of themselves using Snapchat filters.

Mr. Mazouat said that he came up with the idea to make self-portraits more approachable and enjoyable.  

“Often, when students draw a portrait, they believe that the slightest error in size, shape, length, or angle can make a person look ‘ugly,’ ‘weird,’ or ‘goofy,’” he said. “To combat that, I had students draw themselves using Snapchat filters so that they could practice rendering facial features without added pressure of being 100 percent accurate.”

The class loved the innovative assignment and the whimsical and distorted results are equally fun for the viewer!


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