Students Honored for Community Service Work

At a special awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 4, Morristown-Beard School recognized more than 80 Upper School students who have exhibited exceptional dedication to community service.

You may watch a replay of the Community Service Awards Ceremony here.

The spirit of volunteerism has become synonymous with Morristown-Beard School and its mission. To assist students on their journey towards becoming productive and socially responsible citizens, the School requires community service of all students in grades 9-12.

As a result of their volunteer efforts, students are gaining personal satisfaction and self-confidence while enriching their communities and transforming the lives of those around them.

The following 29 students were recognized for contributing more than 100 hours of community service: Brigid Atkins ’21, Sylvie Bastardo ’21, Paul Boorujy ’21, Matthew Dixter ’23, Alexandra Dorrego ’23, Tori Fergus ’22, Genesis Flores ’21, Gavin Frey ’23, Dani Gates ’22, Nyla Gordon-Crocker ’22, Samara Green ’23, Charles Guida ’22, Logan Jaeger ’21, Nicholas Johnson ’22, Andrew Low ’22, Henry Miller ’21, Luka Okuzu ’21, Mira Ramasamy ’22, Samantha Schornstein ’21, Sophie Schramm ’22, Haylee Schwind ’22, Michael Sciarra ’22, Ria Shah ’23, Yash Shah ’24,  Lily Solomon ’21, Brianna Stewart ’21, Kailyn Williams ’21, Andrew Wohlbruck ’21, and Tyler Zakhary ’22.           

Thirty-three students were honored for contributing more than 75 hours of community service: Justin Axelrad ’21, Grace Barnett ’21, Anthony Bernardo ’21, William Cassano ’21, Ethan Chestnut-Stein ’22, Abigail Ewing ’24, Bridget Ewing ’24, Colleen Ewing ’24, Stefanie Fernandes ’21, Ellie Frohlich ’23, Natalie Hess ’22, Evelyn Hess ’22, Aaron Hong ’23, Ethan Hong ’21, Charles Hutchinson ’23, Devyn Janay ’22, Samuel Kasmin ’21, Andrew Levy ’22, Lily Lindstrom ’21, Robyn Liss ’22, Dylan Locke ’23, Nicholas Lombardi ’21, Evie Mitchell ’21, Rachel Monastersky ’21, Angie Ramos ’24, Izabo Ramos ’21, Samantha Rivera ’21, William Sgro ’22, Olivia Siegel ’23, Annabel Simon ’24, Evelyn Umezinwa ’22, Katherine Wenzel ’22, and Thomas Wohlbruck ’21.

The following 19 students were recognized for contributing more than 50 hours of community service:  Jaron Afuola Concepcion ’22, Emma Bosacki ’21, Madeline Drucker ’23, Ashley Ellsworth ’21, Anna Ferrier ’22, Jonathan Hong ’23, Courtney Kahn ’22, Ava Lafer ’21, Brandon Mandel ’22, Erin Martin ’21, Graziella Meyers ’23, Dera Okuzu ’21, Mikail Patankar ’21, Ava Penizotto ’22, Rowan Posner ’22, Hailey Rollins ’23, Robert Scrivo ’21, Gregory Sutton ’21, and Matthew Wang ’23.   

As part of the awards ceremony, The Morristown School Class of 1958 Award for Humanitarian Action was presented to Brigid Atkins ’21. The award recognizes a student’s record of humanitarian deeds and awareness, as well as his/her recognition that with one’s privilege comes a responsibility to care about and contribute to the well-being of others.

Brigid earned 403 service hours this year by doing a variety of volunteer activities such as working on the MBS Blood Drive, volunteering at an animal shelter, and serving as a peer leader with her church. She also participated in service trips to Cambodia/Laos and Appalachia. She also interned with the Whippany River Watershed, where she conducted water studies, authored a calendar, and worked to create a partnership between the Whippany River Watershed and EarthEcho Water Challenge.

This year’s Frederick Cross Remington Award was presented to Andrew Low ’22.  The award is given by the Remington Family to that student who shows genuine concern for others and diligently devotes time and effort to community service.

In addition to volunteering for Hockey in New Jersey helping underprivileged children learn to play hockey, Andrew developed his own charity called Kids Ice Cancer.  In 2020, He devoted more than 300 hours to this project which acts as a conduit to raise money for pediatric cancer.  Andrew organized an all-star hockey game with 40 players which raised more than $122,000 for The Valerie Fund, the charity supported by Kids Ice Cancer.


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