Students Donate Play-Doh and "Socks for Tots"

During their visit to The Neighborhood House of Morristown on Thursday, February 7th, members of Rob Mead’s 7th Grade advisory delivered six cases of Play-Doh and nearly 600 pairs of warm socks to the preschoolers there. Thank you to all of the 7th Grade families who donated!

Since September, a 7th Grade advisory has visited the Neighborhood House Pre-School each month. As a community, the 7th Grade has been looking for avenues to make meaningful and thoughtful donations that would reflect its commitment to the preschool and to literacy. 

As part of their monthly visit, the 7th Graders work closely with the pre-school students, assisting teachers by reading books aloud in class, playing games, painting, and participating in other activities.  

This month’s student volunteers were:  Hanzalah Bhatti, Caleb Lokken Bradford, Jerry Meranus, Matthew Mortazavi, Keira Redmond, Yash Shah, Jessica Sperling, Brendan Tartaglione, Alexander Turben, and Jacqlyn Velikiy.

The Neighborhood House is a division of Cornerstone Family Programs (formerly Family Service of Morristown).  They strive to build better lives and stronger communities by helping individuals, families, and new immigrants who are confronting economic and other life challenges.  Their programs include pre-school, after-school, summer camp, recreation, tutoring, and parenting education programs.


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