Student Artwork on Display at End of Elm Restaurant

Members of the community are invited to End of Elm Restaurant (140 Morris Street, Morristown) to view a special exhibit of MBS Upper School artwork. The paintings were created by members of the Muse Club and Ms. Hartman’s upper level art students and will be on display through the summer.

The students were asked to create acrylic paintings with the theme “My Muse is…”. The students were also provided with the same canvas divided into sections and a limited color palette of four colors. Within these three constraints, students were allowed to let their imaginations run wild within the common theme.

The featured student artists are:  Ximena Arrocha ’20, Pamela Beniwal ’19, Hannah Blake ’21, Anna Bajak ’20, Anika Buch ’20, Ashley Chen ’20, Talia Gold ’20, Amelia Hawkins ’20, Alexandra Miskewitz ’21, Ian O’Brien ’19, Juliette Pike ’19, Tate van der Poel ’21, Alison Stecker ’20, Kathereine Yang ’22, and Julia Yermack ’22.


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