Stacey Goodman P'24 Speaks to BFI Club about Artificial Intelligence

Stacey Goodman P'24 Speaks to BFI Club about Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to MBS parent Stacey Goodman P’24, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Prudential Financial, who spoke with members of the BFI (Business, Finance, and Investment) Club on Zoom about her work in technology and the future of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

In her role at Prudential, Ms. Goodman oversees information technology, including cybersecurity, across Prudential’s locations worldwide to deliver added value for customers, employees and shareholders through the optimal use of data, information, and digital and technology platforms. She joined Prudential in July 2019 with more than 25 years of experience leveraging technology to create competitive advantage and business success for leading financial institutions.

Ms. Goodman began her presentation with a fun, interactive quiz about Prudential before discussing how technology and data are helping to transform the company’s capabilities. She said that the single biggest trend in the industry is the introduction of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), which has quickly become a household name with tremendous global economic potential.  

She concluded her presentation by playing the students realistic and contextually-aware voice audio samples created by AI. The AI-created voice samples were so close to the sound of her own voice that most students could not tell the difference.

“GenAI is perhaps the most significant, intangible asset that will likely have the largest and longest running impact on our economy for the foreseeable future,” she said.


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