Sloane Fiverson '25 Teaches Lesson on the History of Propaganda

Sloane Fiverson '25 Teaches Lesson on the History of Propaganda

As part of her Independent Study project on Politics & Pop Culture, MBS junior Sloane Fiverson '25 served as a guest speaker in Joe Lodato's 8th Grade social studies class on Wednesday. Her lesson focused on the history of propaganda.

After defining the term, Sloane discussed some of the ways propaganda was used in World War II, including aiding the war effort, endorsing rationing, and lobbying for social equality. She also touched on modern propaganda found in politics, activism, and public communication. As a class activity, she had the students pair up and create propaganda posters that denounce certain clothing brands.

For her Independent Study, Sloane is working under the guidance of Erinn Salge, Director of Anderson Library.

Since its inception in 2007, the MBS Independent Study Program has encouraged students to expand their intellectual curiosity and explore an intellectual area in depth, under the guidance of a selected faculty member with a special expertise or interest in the field. Through an array of Independent Study projects each semester, MBS students demonstrate active learning, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and an ability to work on one’s own.   

MBS student presenting in front of a class.


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