Sixth Graders Leading Middle School Clubs

Sixth Graders Leading Middle School Clubs

Members of this year’s 6th Grade class have taken some real initiative — stepping up to lead three different clubs this semester. Great job by Armaan Ashan ’29 and Ben Breslow ’29 (Coding Club), Justin Sparaga ’29 (Friendship Bracelet Club), and Carlo Valastro ’29 (Comedy Club), who are pursuing their passions by creating their own clubs.

“The students have done an excellent job at leading their clubs each week — so much so, that they create weekly lesson plans and activities,” said Ms. Dubeck, who is the faculty advisor for the Comedy Club. “Carlo even brings candy each week for the winner of his comedy activity.”

Friendship Bracelet Club advisor Ms. Alders said that Justin Sparaga has spearheaded the activities right down to weekly themes. The club is currently working on Valentine’s Day bracelets this week.

Jackie Forte, the Coding Club advisor, will admit that she is far from an expert in the subject — and thanks to Armaan and Ben, she doesn’t need to be. The students have been offering their expertise and collaborating with their classmates on a variety of computer projects.


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