Seniors Take Their Drones on a Final Flight Over Burke Field

This week, MBS seniors in Dr. Dennis Evangelista’s Drone Engineering class are taking their drones for a final flight over Burke Field.

This semester’s class focused on fixed-wing aircraft with frames that were made entirely at MBS. All parts were modeled using the 3D modeling software in the Center for Innovation & Design (CID) and were created using the School’s laser cutter and 3D printers with help from Art & Design teacher Matt Martino.

In the fall, the Drone Engineering class focused on quadrotors (or multirotors in general) — platforms that have a number of rotors and can hover and do vertical takeoffs and landings.

The seniors are proud to have been a part of the inaugural year of Drone Engineering at MBS, and they look forward to passing their knowledge to future classes of drone pilots. Senior Camille Ferrell ’22, for example, created her drone, MoBird 13, with a solid EPS foam flying wing design reinforced with carbon fiber. When Camille graduates, she will pass her drone to Evie Lisk ’25, who is also working on a foamboard version.


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