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Seniors Honored for 4-Year Athletic Participation

It is with great honor that MBS recognizes and congratulates 80 members of the Class of 2020 who have committed to the same sport for all four years at MBS.  These student-athletes make up 73 percent of their graduating class. This is a 25 percent increase of student-athlete commitment from the previous year.  

Of the 80 students, 23 have committed to the same two sports for all four years (28.75%), and eight have committed to the same three sports for all four years (10%).  

Joanne Dzama, Director of Upper School Athletics, congratulated the students, saying, “Commitment is often what separates the great from the just good enough, the achievers from the dreamers and in sports, the champions from everyone else. Commitment is about never settling or being satisfied.  It is staying the course when outside influences pull you in a different direction. These 80 student-athletes worked incessantly to improve themselves each year rather than banking on prior success. They always push the limits and tested their own comfort zones.  It isn’t easy to remain committed.  There are plenty of reasons to give up and give into temptations.  In today’s society and in high school, these temptations are everywhere.  Even the voices in your own head challenge your loyalty to the sport and the process. Congratulations on your commitment and your ability to focus on your goals.” 

The Class of 2020 4-Year Athletic Participation Award Winners are:

Julia Abbott
Kimberly Adams
Matthew Adelman
Morgan Angelo
Margot Armstrong
Anna Bajak
Francesca Becchi
Josh Bergman
Sara Blanchard
Ryan Brown
Anika Buch
Ashley Chen
Dominick Commesso
Ian Cook
Archie Corteil
Patrick Coyne
Yihana Curl
Nikole D’Alessandro
Ethan Davison
Michael DeSimone
Paul Detre
JayShon DuBose
Matthew Ellerthorpe
Samuel Ephraimson-Abt
Sabrina Fagan
Erin Fay
Amanda Fradkin
Adam Giaquinto
Kyle Gonyea
Samantha Grant
Mason Guida
James Harvett
Amelia Hawkins
Madison Hughes
Theodore Hunkins
Addisyn Ibrahim
Meaghan Karrat
Jonathan Kay
Stephen Kelly
William Kelly
Rachael Kelson
Emma Kenny
Henry Larson
Zachary Lebovitz
Julian Levy
Jacqueline Levy
Matthew Lohmann
Sophia Martino
Thomas Matthews
Owen McCann
Kathleen McDonald
Patrick Merrigan
Erjon Mersimi
Molly Michel
Dyson Mitchell
Kaya Moody
Sean Moseson
Caleb Moten
Tashana Noel
Nathaniel Panza
Thomas Polaski
Louisa Randazzo
Aaron Rosenberg
Paige Sanderson
Evan Sanford
Sofia Scordley
Alexandra Shah
Emma Sherman
Oliver Simon
Scott Smith
Thomas Sokolowski
Deven Soto
Alison Stecker
Caden Strauss
Gianluca Turndorf
Reagan Waters
William Watson
William Webster
Lilia Wieder
Stephen Yuhas
Evan Zakhary


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