Senior Projects Provide "Real World" Experience for the Class of 2024

Senior Projects Provide "Real World" Experience for the Class of 2024

Members of the Class of 2024 got a taste of the real world this spring through their Senior Projects, gaining practical experience in everything from biochemistry to public relations, financial advising, law, and green energy.  On June 3rd and 4th, they presented reports about their experiences.

This year, Morristown Beard seniors completed their Senior Projects in an impressive array of fields including medicine, government, advertising, wellness, and education. Some seniors shadowed physicians and financial advisors while others worked in architecture, music production, insurance, professional athletics, retail, agriculture, and community healthcare.

The Senior Project led many seniors to discover what they liked — or didn’t like — about a certain career. It also helped them get a feel for the daily workplace routine, dealing with traffic, and even knowing what to do when you miss a train on the commute to work.

While some students engaged in internships and service work, others pursued passion projects that allowed them to expand existing interests or try something new.  This year, students created artwork, explored quantum physics, trained service dogs, learned about auto mechanics, wrote sitcoms, learned to play the guitar, and more.


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