Senior Projects Provide "Real World" Experience for Class of 2022

Members of the Class of 2022 have been getting a taste of the real world this spring through their Senior Projects, gaining practical experience in everything from neurosurgery to public relations, financial advising, law, and green energy.  On Wednesday, June 8, they presented formal reports on their experiences.

This year, Morristown Beard seniors completed their Senior Projects in an impressive array of fields including medicine, government, advertising, wellness, and education. Some seniors shadowed physicians and financial advisors while others worked in architecture, music production, insurance, retail, construction, and community healthcare.

For many students, the Senior Project helped them discover what they liked — or didn’t like — about a certain career.  “I hope to pursue a career in medicine in the future, so being able to get this firsthand experience was amazing for me,” said Alex Grayzel ’22, who shadowed a nurse practitioner and saw her treat a variety of ailments. “This experience gave me motivation to work hard towards medical school.”

Anahatt Virk ’22 also worked in the medical field, shadowing doctors at a private cardiology office.  She said that she hopes to become a doctor in the future, but the experience also opened her eyes to several considerations. “I discovered that the emotional aspect of being a doctor might not be for me,” she said. “It also made me ask myself ‘how important is sleep and a personal life to me?’”

Several seniors assumed an impressive amount of responsibility in their Senior Projects.  Bobby Burns ’22 created a database tool for Water Island Capital in New York City and will continue working at the firm this summer. Similarly, Zack Rempell ’22 helped a local robotics school organize its database with a new prototype that he made.  Kate Wenzel ’22 served as chair and coordinator for the New Jersey Walk for the National Eating Disorders Association and turned the event into the organization’s most successful walk in the country, surpassing the Boston and Los Angeles events.

While some students engaged in internships, others pursued passion projects that allowed them to pursue existing interests or try something new.  This year, students created artwork, collaborated on podcasts, learned about auto mechanics, and pursued health blogging. Jacob Tinkelman '22 created a chess board where the pieces can be moved around by remote computer command.

After writing for a local news outlet, Hannah Rose Williams ’22 switched gears for her Senior Project and decided to write for her own pleasure. “Going on the MBS Writers’ Retreat inspired me to write for myself, express my thoughts, ideas and emotions and to just write for fun,” she said. “Journaling became an important wellness activity for me.”


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