Scott Tannen '95 Donates Hospital Mattresses in Fight Against COVID-19

MBS alumnus, parent and trustee Scott Tannen '95, Founder & CEO at Boll & Branch, is manufacturing mattresses and pillows for emergency medical operations in the fight against COVID-19.

Boll & Branch has already manufactured and donated more than 1,000 specially-made hospital mattresses for emergency medical operations.  Tannen’s company is a vital member of the Helping From Home initiative with other industry leaders that have joined with donations including Facebook (2,500 gallons of hand sanitizer), Jet Blue (free flights for incoming medical volunteers), and Suburban Propane (propane services for generators and heaters) to name a few.

Tannen is asking members of the community to help support his efforts in three ways:

·      To donate any amount directly:

·     To purchase anything from Boll & Branch and get 10% off, plus Boll & Branch will donate 10 % of your purchase to this effort:

·     Scott’s personal request:  “If you still have a job and you’re still healthy, consider paying your good fortune forward. Please like, share, and comment by tagging someone who can help/help spread the word. Thank you!” #helpingfromhome





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