Scavenger Hunt Helps 7th Graders Get Acquainted with the Library

On Monday, September 16th, MBS Head Librarian Erinn Salge helped Sharon Phelan’s 7th Grade English students get better acquainted with the Anderson Library by sending them on a scavenger hunt.  

After getting a basic orientation of the library from Mrs. Salge, the students were divided into teams and raced each other to find a variety of library resources by answering questions on an app called GooseChase.  Some clues led them to biographies and memoirs, others led them to dictionaries or even the Riddle of the Day. After finding the correct answer, students had to take a selfie with the resource.

“Basically, the point was to get them used to being in the library, using the catalog to look up and locate books, and access the databases for the first time,” said Mrs. Salge, who awarded candy to the students after they completed their hunt. “I’ll be doing the scavenger hunt with the rest of the Middle School over the next few weeks, so I’m going to need a lot more treats!”


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