Physics Students Wiring Shoebox "Houses"

This year’s “wired house” projects may be scaled down due to COVID protocols, but 9th Grade physics students are still getting creative while showing off their circuitry skills.

In the past, students worked in teams on the wired houses, building elaborate structures that were furnished with 3D objects. This year, students are working individually at their own desks, material sharing is off-limits, and large multi-room structures have been replaced by a single shoebox.

“Instead of elaborate mansions, we have mobile homes this year,” laughed physics teacher Brad Turner.

Still, the scaled-down projects allow students to show off their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each tiny house features a circuit with two parallel lights and an on/off switch, an outside light with a three-way switch, and a door alarm that sounds as soon as the door is opened. Students are also required to provide a diagram of the complete circuit of the building.


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