"Pepper Pals" Gardening Club is Growing a Variety of Produce

Members of the Middle School Gardening Club – the Pepper Pals – have been busy tending to the garden that they planted outside the Math & Science Center.  The group is growing a variety of produce including cucumbers, beans, peppers, tomatoes, melons, and herbs.

In the middle of the garden, the group placed a sign – “Pepper Pals — We are all peas in a pod.”

During their final meeting of the year on Friday, the students will learn about the importance of mulching around the plantings to keep the soil moist during the hot summer months. 

Club advisors Lisa Swanson and Heather Everett will take care of the garden over the summer. When the produce is ready to be picked, the group hopes to give back and share with the MBS community.


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