Peloton Executive Jennifer Cotter Speaks to ICP Students

Jennifer Cotter, the Chief Content Officer at Peloton, spoke to the Global Citizenship cohort of the Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program (ICP) on Monday, November 15 about growing the at-home fitness business globally while emphasizing the importance of being a socially conscious and values-driven company.

A former television and digital media executive, Jennifer Cotter joined Peloton in 2019 for the key role of overseeing streaming content. Her position involves managing both the New York and London content production teams, which handle the shooting and streaming of Peloton's fitness classes to more than 6 million members.

Mrs. Cotter discussed Peloton’s founding and growth in the marketplace as well as the importance of the company’s culture. She encouraged students to think about their own personal mission and values, as well as the ways they can impact the world, how they can chart a path to get there, and how they can establish credibility.   

She outlined the values of the company and also discussed the creation of the Peloton Pledge, the culmination of the company’s efforts and commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization. She emphasized the importance of accountability and putting the plan into action on a daily basis.  “Once you set a standard and say you’re going to do something, you’d better be ready to do it,” she said.

In a Q&A with students, Mrs. Cotter spoke about the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic presented, and how Peloton experienced global growth. “The record-breaking engagement during the pandemic has been transformational for us. We went from 700,000 members to 6.2 million,” said Mrs. Cotter. “What was really gratifying was hearing stories of how our cycling, yoga and meditation classes helped our members improve their mental and physical health during lockdown.”

She also spoke to students in the ICP Global Citizenship cohort about their passion projects and gave them plenty of food for thought. As part of the program, each student is exploring ways to address an issue that is important to them — from homelessness and food insecurity to coral reef preservation and making sports such as golf and tennis accessible for more people.  


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