PA Holds Final General Meeting of the Academic Year

The Morristown-Beard School Parents Association held its final General Meeting of the academic year on Thursday, April 8 via Zoom.

To watch a recording of the meeting, please click here.

Current PA President Kim Sgro thanked this year’s volunteers before speaking about the mission of the Parents Association and introducing the PA Board leadership slate that was approved for 2021-2022.

The 2021-2022 PA Executive Board will be:

President - Linda Magnotta
Vice President -  Maria Powar
Secretary - Lauren Belfiore
Treasurer - Kevin Wenzel (Assistant Treasurer - Carol Soos)
Arts Coordinator - Jennifer Weil
Athletics Coordinator - Penny Sokolowski
Community Coordinator - Renee Taurman
Events Coordinator - Amanda Fiverson
Middle School Coordinator - Jill Johnston
Upper School Coordinator - Tonia Hobbs
Volunteer Placement Coordinator - Lisa Becker

The Class Parents will be:

6th Grade -  Caroline Turben & Sarah Outwater
7th Grade -  Shanae Green & Corrine Becker
8th Grade -  Mindy Tofias & Alexis Benbassat
9th Grade -  Virginia Quinn & Andrea Teitelbaum
10th Grade -  Ken Sperling & Jaimie Morias
11th Grade -  Amy D’Andrea & Tamara Weinmann
12th Grade -  Laura Janay & Laura Shur

Kim Sgro also presented an overview of the PA “Spin To Win” and silent auction that will be held virtually later this month.  The event will feature an assortment of fun prizes including MBS-themed gear and packages, golf outings, electronics, and much more. Registration begins on Monday, April 19 and will run through Friday, April 23. There will be an auction preview on April 25 before the auction opens on April 26. Proceeds from the event will go directly towards enhancing the education experience of all MBS students, classroom and campus improvements and faculty wish lists. Look for more information in MBS Monday.

Finally, Kim Sgro thanked Head of School Peter Caldwell for his 10 years of service to MBS and wished Peter and Darcy Caldwell all the best in their retirement.  Mr. Caldwell said that he was grateful for the PA’s support over the years. He spoke about the successes of the school year – despite the pandemic – and said that MBS anticipates holding its usual spring events in some form.  He concluded by expressing his confidence in the next Head of School, Liz Morrison, and said that the School is in great shape moving forward.


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