MS Students Learn about Affinity Groups

On Friday, November 13, the MBS Middle School held an open house to introduce students to various affinity groups (GLOW, Kaleidoscope, Mental Health Matters, and Spectrum) and their advisors.

Students learned more about the focus of each group and heard from their Upper School counterparts, who were able to answer questions and generate excitement.

The groups included:

GLOW (Girls Leading Our World)
Advisor: Ms. Phelan
Morristown-Beard School is dedicated to supporting and inspiring girls. Members of GLOW hold discussions, facilitate gender workshops, and offer forums to increase awareness on topics such as domestic violence, the influence of social media, and women in the workforce.

Advisor:  Mr. Jefferson
Kaleidoscope is a multi-cultural diversity club that promotes awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures on campus. Students gather to discuss topics surrounding socioeconomics and cultural identity.

Mental Health Matters
Advisors: Dr. Tuttle and Mr. Zuck
Mental Health Matters is designed to increase awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health. Mindfulness is an integral component of our educational philosophy and students are encouraged to practice mindfulness techniques to promote balance, an increased sense of calm, and reduce anxiety.

Advisor: Mr. McGrann
Spectrum is a gay-straight alliance club that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex) topics and organize school-wide events to raise awareness and celebrate the community.


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