Morristown Beard School Honors Students for Outstanding Service Work

Morristown Beard School Honors Students for Outstanding Service Work

At a special awards ceremony on Friday, May 5, Morristown Beard School recognized more than 70 Upper School students who have exhibited an exceptional dedication to community service. 

The spirit of volunteerism has become synonymous with Morristown Beard School and its mission. To assist students on their journey towards becoming productive and responsible citizens, the School requires community service of all students in grades 9-12.

As a result of their volunteer efforts, students are doing more than gaining personal satisfaction and self-confidence; they are enriching their communities and transforming the lives of those around them.

The following 29 students were recognized for contributing more than 100 hours of community service: Margaret Bailey ’25, Gianna Becchi ’24, Evan Daniels ’26, Matthew Dixter ’23, Penelope Ehrbar ’23, Christian Ewig ’24, Colleen Ewing ’24, Hannah Everett ’23, Sloane Fiverson ’25, Sarah Freeman ’25, Charlotte Greer ’25, Christopher Hauk ’24, Ryan Hauk ’24, Raidah Karriem ’25, Micah Leibowitz ’24, Emily Mann ’25, Sarah Marine ’26, Olivia McCaffrey ’23, Julian Melendez ’23, Emily Pardilla ’23, Charles Plante ’23, Shira Radin ’24, Emma Rieber ’24, Isabel Rothschild ’26, Kayla Ruggiero ’24, Samantha Simon ’23, Alana Smith ’23, Marilee Vartanian ’26, and Indiya Weinmann ’25.

Forty-three students were honored for contributing more than 75 hours of community service: Hayat Bembry ’24, Madeline Berniker ’23, Kaitlin Blount ’23, Brooklyn Chen ’24, Jack Cueto ’24, Ethan D’Andrea ’23, Alexandra Dorrego ’23, Abigail Ewing ’24, Bridget Ewing ’24, Juliana Falzon ’26, Brooke Fesq ’25, Ellie Frohlich ’23, Matthew Gatward ’24, Gwyneth Geoghan ’25, Chelsea Gonzaga-Torres ’24, Chloe Higgins ’24, Isla Johnston ’25, Julie Kirshenbaum ’25, Sophie Kotkin ’26, Lucas Krzankowski ’25, Evangeline Lisk ’25, Sophie Minocha ’24, Dumebi Okonkwo ’23, Ashley Parker ’26, Kassy Patino ’25, Carter Pierson ’23, Tyler Pottratz ’26, Sasha Proper ’23, Daniel Raimer ’26, Angie Ramos ’24, Skylar Reale ’23, Lily Rubinfeld ’25, Marlee Ryan ’24, Kamila Sauan-Gregorian ’25, Henry Scott ’25, Barra Shiffman ’24, Annabel Simon ’24, Rebecca Stulberger ’25, Mollie Taylor ’24, Emma Teitelbaum ’25, Avesh Verma ’25, Johannes Wabnitz-Moch ’25, and Jonas Weinmann ’23.

As part of the awards ceremony, The Morristown School Class of 1958 Award for Humanitarian Actionwas presented to Yash Shah ‘24. The award recognizes a student’s record of humanitarian deeds and awareness, as well as his/her recognition that with one’s privilege comes a responsibility to care about and contribute to the well-being of others.

This year’s Frederick Cross Remington Award was presented to Regina Arrocha ‘23.  The award is given by the Remington Family to that student who shows genuine concern for others and diligently devotes time and effort to community service.


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