Morristown Beard School Honors 21 Seniors as 3x4 Athletes

Morristown Beard School Honors 21 Seniors as 3x4 Athletes

On Monday, May 22, Morristown Beard School honored 21 senior athletes who participated in three sports each year (fall, winter and spring) during their Upper School career.

“Not only are these athletes in good standing on their respective teams, but they are students who show high character, good sportsmanship, and are exceptional students in the classroom,” said Upper School Athletic Director  Joanne Dzama. “I am honored to induct the Class of 2023 into our 3x4 Athletic Club.”

The 2023 3x4 award winners are:

Regina Arrocha ’23 (soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball)
Norah Aycock ’23 (soccer, volleyball, indoor track, ski, softball, track & field)
Alison Bajak ’23 (field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf)
Dax Bush ’23 (soccer, basketball, baseball)
Andre Chabra ’23 (cross country, indoor track, track & field)
Ethan D’Andrea ’23 (soccer, cross country, swimming, indoor track, tennis)
Kathleen Degnan ’23 (soccer, basketball, lacrosse)
Joseph Geoghan ’23 (cross country, ski, track & field)
Charlie Gibbs ’23 (soccer, swimming, lacrosse)
Will Kuppenheimer ’23 (cross country, indoor track, lacrosse, track & field)
Zachary Levine ’23 (cross country, indoor track, lacrosse)
Olivia McCaffrey ’23 (soccer, indoor track, basketball, lacrosse)
Gracie Meyers ’23 (field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf)
Ivy Murphy ’23 (field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf)
Efe Omonzane ’23 (soccer, volleyball, basketball, indoor track, softball, track & field)
Skylar Reale ’23 (field hockey, basketball, lacrosse)
Lulu Rosenthal ’23 (soccer, basketball, golf)
Brooke Sandler ’23 (soccer, basketball, golf)
Ruben Taits ’23 (soccer, swimming, indoor track, tennis, track & field)
Buddy Valastro ’23 (soccer, football, ice hockey, lacrosse)
Jonas Weinmann ’23 (soccer, cross country, ski, basketball, swimming, indoor track, tennis)


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