Morristown Beard School Eliminates Hyphen from Its Name

On its 50th anniversary of co-education, Head of School Liz Morrison announced that Morristown Beard School is removing the hyphen from its name to emphasize the unity of the School.

Click here to watch the announcement.

“Today is significant for us, because it is the 50th anniversary of the merger and the creation of the Morristown Beard School,” said Mrs. Morrison. “To recognize this incredible moment in our School’s history, we are removing the hyphen to grammatically and figuratively be one school that has significant roots from both The Morristown School and The Beard School.”

“We are one school — one amazing, vibrant, caring, innovative and excellent school,” Mrs. Morrison continued. “I’m grateful to the Beard sisters and Reverend Edwards for their vision and fortitude when they founded The Beard School and The Morristown School. As the seventh Head of the Morristown Beard School, I am excited to honor their legacies, celebrate who we are today, and assure our future.”

The School is planning a gradual transition, so all materials that carry a logo can still be used until stock is depleted. When it is time to reorder, we will use the updated logo.


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