Middle Schoolers Learn about Media Literacy

The 6th Grade Media Literacy class learned more about navigating today’s media landscape on Friday, March 5 by participating in a Zoom call with Jessi McCarthy of Newseum and the Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan foundation that fosters First Amendment freedoms for all.

Ms. McCarthy, who serves as Outreach Educator for Education, conducted a lively, interactive presentation with the students, who pretended to be working journalists for the class. The students were presented with several hypothetical situations and were asked whether they should or shouldn’t publish a news photo.    

They discussed the First Amendment, the law vs. ethics, and the “do’s, don’ts and dilemmas” associated with journalism. They concluded the class by exploring whether or not they would publish a photo of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his wheelchair during World War II. 

“As you can see, there’s no one right answer in these scenarios,” said Ms. McCarthy. “Being fair, accurate, and clear is the best standard that you can hold yourself to.”


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