Middle School Watercolor Club Paints Together Online

The Middle School Watercolor Club is continuing to stay creative in this time of social distancing as this week Mrs. Laviola guided the students through an online demonstration of how to paint birch tree scenes.

“It’s fun how everyone follows the same set of instructions but comes up with a work that is truly unique,” said Mrs. Laviola.

The students began their work by drawing a horizon line and then using painter’s tape to block off the birch tree shapes. They then painted different backgrounds, from wintry skies using blue and purple to warm sunsets featuring orange, red, and yellow. The students also learned how darker and lighter colors help establish the foreground and background of a scene. When the students’ paintings were completely dry, they peeled off the paint to expose the white birch trees.

Next week, the class will be experimenting with salt techniques to create different effects and textures.


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